Tried to tell presenters what they a selling is NDG.. Refunds are a major issues, refunds of money is a big issue..

All presenters watch this page..... For every issue said about a product that is NODG they come back with its amazing I've found no issues with this,that, or other.. Foundation is so liquified it falls off the face.. You are told to put other products on face first so it will stay in place....

Ok done that... What a F mess... I needed nothing on my face for the store brand foundation and it held.... Foundation from younquie has 40% oil in it..

That exsplaines why its runny... I took it to have it check out...... Lip stains OMG after testing will a real cosmetic company, I tossed out everything from these guys... Kept the eye shadows only...

156 worth.... Tossed the cream shadows worthless. High end garbage, high end prices... All in the garbage.....

In short you got crap for the prices, BS posting, brain washing from company and presenters. If you have deep pockets go for it.. Six items I last got came to 180.00 Canadian. Not one item held up to the faults ads,and the BS brain washing......

Never will I ever fall for again will I fall for fault make up...

I don't have deep pockets....... Not one person gives a ### about their customer..

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Younique Pros: Shadows.

Younique Cons: Faults products or the faults claims.

Location: 3400 W Mayflower Ave, Lehi, UT 84043, USA

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