Ok this is a long one, but I'm super annoyed. I bought the liquid touch foundation and the foundation brush, lip stain, 3D lashes, concealer, primer, and eye shadow pallette all in one go and it cost me close to $300....

and it was all ***, except the primer, which did spread really easy and felt like silk. But the foundation is really what annoyed me. I have pretty average skin, a little uneven tone, a bit of red blotchyness on the cheeks, nothing too bad. I was really looking forward to the foundation thinking my skin will look great.

I am so disappointed with the product I received. it wasn't giving me good coverage, so I watched countless videos trying to perfect my technique but would still need around 15 drops of the foundation from start to finish, and even then you could still see my red blotchyness on my cheeks through the foundation, and it still didn't look like it had spread and covered my face properly. The foundation looked yucky on my problem area, it actually caked up on my problem area (the red blotchy cheeks) and made it look worse because it made them look dry and flakey (so then I had red flakey blotches instead). The 3D lashes were rubbish, I put it on, went shopping for less than 2 hours, came home and found it had dried and kinda crumbled, I walked around the shops not really I had all this black mascara flakes under my eyes.

The eye shadow palette was ok, but not worth the money, I like my $12 cover girl one that I buy at Woolworths better. The concealer (which I tried to use for my dark circles under my eyes) was so difficult to blend, it just looked caked and thick even though I applied a very small amount. The lip stain was ok, but I had to apply a clear balm on top so that my lips didn't look dry. Anyway I messaged the lady who sold me the ***, asked her where I was going wrong with application, she suggested not using the primer, so not sure why she suggested I buy it in the first place, I took very close up photos if before and after to show how how poor the coverage was, how it actually made my problems areas more noticeable and concealer issues.

She basically said it's my skin that is the problem.... I find that pretty annoying considering all the videos of the people selling it saying how great it was at covering problem areas.

I bought this *** that costs so much, and is now sitting in my draw waiting to expire. Anyone who was thinking about buying this ***, don't waste ya money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not a good idea to tell a client that they are the problem. Obviously she needs a different formula but any service professional would know it's not the client's fault even if they have a certain skin type that doesn't pair well with it. Not a good business model for already underperforming MLM salespeople.


This could be a set up. Was told if presenter complain we could be shut down..

Sadly I agree with you...

Foundation is to liquidity, concealer is NFG...

High end prices, cheap, cheap products...... Younquie will not refund or stand by their products..

They keep telling me I'm not following the routine when applying... For ever negative things said about younquie 12 people say it's good...... Younquie reads but more presents push on younquie side..

I went back to all my store brand products....

As for returns younquie will only credit... All good

I tossed 500 in the garbage....


Okay she said she had few blemishes. So this magical foundation should cover it right? I mean I can cover sharpie marks all over your face?


Please email me I am a consultant and i would love to help you fix this problem....you should have been told you could get your money back because we have a love it gaurentee!!! Please email me jennalee137@gmail.com


You should contact the presenter who you bought it from. The Love it Guarantee will allow to return or exchange if you are unsatisfied with the products.


No love it guarantee.... Presenters push to sell not return... Tried for one month.


Hi Stranger


It sounds like your skin is the issue though and you can't be mad at someone for suggesting that. Try another brand and see if you have the same results, because if you do you can't go around blaming every brand for your problematic skin.

You can get your money back, no questions asked within the first few days so act quick and return them!

You're not stuck with these items. Good luck to you!


She has obviously worn makeup before and never had this happen..It can cover marker but not bad skin..Wait isn't makeup supposed to cover bad skin isn't that what it's made for now I'm confused..You people act like everyone is a *** that knows nothing about makeup and bc you bought a $99 kit you are some pro..


Are you serious? I get really upset when I read someone, or an aweful lot of someone's ,have problems such as cakey or watery or cause rashes gets the blame instead of it being the makeup.

Your doing an aweful amount of assuming we don't know how to apply makeup and don't know our own skin. I'll tell you now I read the reviews and take into account all the reviews. I must say this company way way to many bad reviews. Just think I was going to buy and be a presenter, but I don't believe for a minute all these bad reviews aren't true.

I'll be damned if I'm going to buy makeup just to be told the problem is my skin not the makeup . Let's say for giggles it's my skin, does that mean I should eat the cost?

*** no. Every other makeup line , including drug store makeup, refunds without question if there's a problem


Drugstores, and real people who sell makeup openly stand beside their products, and will refund with no questions......... Some will ask questions what was wrong....

younquie hides behind presenter making them do the work....

When buying stuff online do your research ...... Note USA is not covered under Canadains laws..... Younquie is sqeeking by with their products.... And they don't have a younquie in Canada...

Younquie companies are all in USA..

Look at the cost of all makeup products sold in USA presenters pay half of what we pay.... We pay double..

I had to stop being a presenter as I lost my customers due to bad products, the cost of the products, and the money I invested..


Disagree... Before i bought younquie products I used store brands for 30 years, longer than younquie being around....


I stopped using store brand one month in advance before buying..... One month later I bought younquie

Foundation, concealer, face primer, all skin care, 3D fiber, blush..... With in one weeks I had major issues...

The amount I spent to help a cause was not worth the money...... Had foundation tested.....

Interesting that the foudations contained 45% oil, 30% passable ingredients, 20% perfume, 5% pigment...

I had not choice as my face had on going issues.........

It was the makeup.... Will never buy overly price makeup again from younquie when it's so cheaply made from left over products..


My friend sells this product and she said you do have 14days to return that bish lol sorry you're going through so much

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