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I ordered the younique touch mineral liquid fondation and it arrived very quickly. The color was perfect but the makeup did nothing for my skin.

I have acne scarring along with active acne. I bought this product with high hopes, only to be very disappointed. The fondation was not pigmented AT ALL. I used the amount the box said and it did not cover a single imperfection.

I applied more and although it did start to cover some blemishes it looked cakey and extremely oily. It clinged to every imperfection in the most awful way. And it was not long lasting at all after less than an hour it all slipped off. Although I do have to say the texture is heavenly and super soft and the smell is also very pleasent but it just not good for people with acne.

People with dry skin will benefit from this product but people with oily skin should stay away. This fondation is very beautiful just wasnt a great match for my type of skin. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone struggling with acne.

So all the videos and what not saying that it covers (obviously sponsored) should be taken down. This fondation is great just not for every skin type and that should be expressed on the website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Hi I just wanted to make sure you knew about the love it guarantee that Younique has. If you dont love it you can return it for a full refund within the first 14 days.

If it is between 15 - 30 days you can return it for 80% of the purchase price, equal value product credit or product exchange. If it has been between 31-90 days you can exchange it for equal value credit of product exchange.


This product is not good for dry skin. I have used it for less than 3 weeks and my face is so dry it hurts.

I use their daily cleanser, moisturizer and liquid foundation.

My skin, although naturally dry, was very healthy prior to using these products. Now I have flaky areas, scaly areas and redness all over my face, and some age lines that I have never seen before. My face stings when I use the moisturizer.

I am 47 years old and have always used top brands of cosmetics that moisturize and help retain youthful skin.

These products have robbed my skin of moisture and are actually aging me faster than ever.

After seeing the photos and videos, I was really excited to try the products, and they are less expensive than what I traditionally pay.

My usual moisturizing cream costs more than 3 times what Younique does but it works so much better. I'll be stopping to pick some up on the way home and hopefully can undo the damage these products have done to my skin.

Lots of people love these products but they are not right for me.


Maybe you need to use it with the brush and if you used the primer, there's no way it came off in an hour... Maybe you need a different color


Maybe its just not what you ave been brainwashed into believing. This younique cult is disturbing, shilling junk products, annoying the world with your social media bombardments. Its ***, overpriced j u n k

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