I would love to show you how to really use the product because apparently we're doing it wrong. This stuff really does cover exceptionally well.

Maybe you were not using the right primer or maybe you are using the wrong ways to Riser under your primer. Or maybe you are not using the correct applicator. Or maybe you are not using the correct foundation for your type of skin.

These are all possibilities. When matching the correct type of foundation with your skin type and using it correctly you get a Flawless Foundation that you don't even need a filter for with your camera.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Listen I've been doing my makeup for over 20 years hate to say it but 90%of the time I use my fingers not a brush to apply my makeup I didn't realize you had to use 20 things with 4 applicators and spray to do your makeup oh wait I don't I buy normal makeup that you can out on in the dark and it still looks right!


It tickles me how presenters say that stuff and consumers have used all types of foundation, primers, concealors. They act like theirs is something waaaay different and once again the consumer is at fault. lol


Isn't it funny it's your fault if something wrong with products or the customer Service. They have a bunch of shallow people working for them who care more about their looks then customers. they spend all day posting videos of them putting make up, alot look like *** unfortunately!

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