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After seeing all the videos of younique's liquid foundation I thought it looked amazing and I needed to try it.

When it arrived I tried to apply it in several different ways using a sponge, brush, hand etc and they all had the same failed outcome.

As mentioned in some of the reviews below it gives you far from full coverage! I've seen plenty of videos where presenters have used it to cover tattoos to emphasise how well it covers them. Unfortunately when I completed the same tes on my tattoo it was far from covered and still highly visible!

I will continue using my Mac foundation as that works best for me, I certainly feel this product is a waste of money as you can get the same coverage on the high street for less than £10.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

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Just so you know, on the test where the tattoo was covered, the lady used the touch liquid concealer, NOT the foundation.

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