I tried to like this make up, I really did. My sister sells it and she gave me several make overs.

Maybe it's not for 45 year old skin. The foundation highlighted every fine line and poor. It also felt heavy. Now onto the 3D lashes.

Who wants to look like that? So unnatural and ridiculous looking. This company has my sister so brainwashed that lord forbid I say I don't like something, then I'm a ***. She hasn't talked to me in two weeks.

;-( On the bright side, I haven't had to hear about this awful makeup either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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no it's ***. terrible coverage regardless of age or wrinkles..

waste of money.

So watery and streaky.. They have been brainwashed.


I cannot wear any of the eye shadows. Too much glitter and shimmer for women 40+yrs old.

All the foundations I have tried magnifies every line and pore. I cannot sell these products because I really don't believe in them.

Benefit and IT Cosmetics are far superior.


In my opinion the company is not going to make it. As soon as the reps understand they are being brainwashed by their up line to sell sell and recruite so they get more money women will stop signing on.

The company is pushing products they do not have because the higher up reps buy in bulk and they sell out of the product in one day. Then the real customers are unable to buy what they want or need unless they know someone that stocked up. It happened with the liquid foundation and now with the contouring product.

Where would the company be if the presenters didn't buy so much and had to rely on customer sales. I feel sorry for your sister because one day her eyes will be opened and she will have invested her hard earned $$ and really not gained much.


It is so rediculous how they try to sell products that they don't have! And presenters say "oh it's because the product is so amazing!" Actually I think you hit the nail on the head...it's only presenters buying it!

And the products are not amazing....they are way overpriced drug store cosmetics! I agree, they won't be around long. I will admit,when I first tried the mascara I thought it was great and I decided to become a presenter. Then they changed their mascara formula and its now ***.

Then I found their other products, the few actually in stock, we're not worth the money. Then I saw how they scammed customers with their back order games and I couldn't take anymore!

And I found all this out in under two months and decided to never promote or buy this product again. There has to be tons of other ladies figuring out this company is a joke....adios Younique!


EXACTLY to the last two people who commented. I loved the original 3D Fiber Lashes, LOVED, but once they changed the formula I don't even buy it anymore.

Unlike you two, I am still a presenter and have been for 2 almost 3 yrs and have never made it passed yellow. First they tell you you don't need to buy products to have onhand that it's 100% online now they say you should have in house parties and show off the makeup yet don't supply samples or more options in their presenter kits. I can't afford to do that and if I could, the foundation and various other items end up on backorder. So you can show it off get people interested in it, but ohhh so sorry you can't have it.

Goodbye sale! And to me the pricing is getting ridiculous. You can buy known name brands for cheaper and get more product and try in in store and or makeup counter and get color matched precisily. The brushes I loved in the original presenter kit but now the newer brushes look cheap and not as dense.

I have a few loyal customers, and that's how I have remained a presenter, I could not or will not push something I don't like or have never tried. I know eventually my loyals will find a better and cheaper product, and from there I'll be done.

And since I'm not brain washed into thinking these products are better than sliced bread, and have not found my own flock of sheep to follow me, I'll never make it passed yellow despite my previous amounts in sales. Gotta build a team!

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