This cinpmah has hacked my bank account! I have never heard of them before and would never use them by other reviews!

They will not pick up the phone, only emails!

This was 286.00 that this company has from me. I never agreed or ordered anything!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Ridgeland, Mississippi

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This just happened to me. 502.00 in product.

Even Cancled the order on my email.

Then got a confirmation that it was being shipped. I've spoke with 2 representatives and have yet to get my refund.


Is cinpmah the name of the company or person? What do you hear when you called them?

Did they have an 800 number? Did you file a complaint with your bank and put a stop payment on it? Did your bank know what company this is and where they are located? Did they tell you how they got your information?

You may have to close this account and open a new one. I'm asking all these questions so I can steer you the right way

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