Younique has alove it guarantee. I'm reading reviewers wondering why they spent the money and if you didn't love it, you have 2 weeks to get your money back.

That is why i love younique. I love all their products and it really does make a difference in how you apply the make up.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Louisville, Colorado

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Yes, corporate requires you to pay shipping, however, if you work with a consultant you can sometimes get around that as they will typically cover it for you. If your consultant is not willing to do that I encourage you to find one that will.

Please reach out to me for more information. I'm on facebook (Danielle Vales) or my younique site (https://www.youniqueproducts.com/Mixitmakeup/presenter/contactme)


You forgot to mention you have to pay to return a product that may be defective, which I think is not proper customer service. Now if a customer returns a product just because, I can see a shipping fee being charged. However, if the product is defective or doesn't match their skin type, the company itself should foot the bill.


You forgot to mention you have to pay to ship the item back to younique before they give you a refund so.. no there is no full money back guarantee ! Younique should pay for return shipping if a customer orders the wrong colour based on sales consultation recommendations.


It takes up to 10 days to receive it & effectively your paying $20 for delivery plus to send it back internationally, oh & you have to wait to get a return number so if the rep takes too long well your stuffed plus it then takes up to 30 days to get a refund so majority of people simply stop using it.

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