I really like the Precision Eye Liner pencil, but they don't make it clear that you MUST buy THEIR pencil sharpener (for another $7) if you want to ever sharpen it.

Younique Pros: Eye liner itself is very good.

Younique Cons: Fact i must buy their sharpener, I did not know i had to buy their sharpener.

Location: Golden, Colorado

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So, upon looking the Younique pencil over, it appears to be plastic; naturally, I figured it must be one that twists up and down - wrong.So I tried turning the plastic cap end on the end of the pencil (not the lid), and noticed it came right off.This may not be the most efficient way to get this to work, however, I was able to use a q-tip in the end of it where the cap (not where the lid is) is located, and push the liner part out of the plastic pencil as needed..


I have had the same problem with the eyeliner and its plastic material. It gets jagged when I try to sharpen the pencil and I actually scratched my eye while applying the liner.

I was never told the liner requires a younique sharpener or the need to shop around for one that does the job. It's plastic. Only plastic pencils I've used have a dial to turn to increase the amount needed.

I've never heard of sharpening a plastic pencil with a sharpener. Does not work.


I does NOT sharpen with ANY sharpener. The outer part of the pencil is plastic, not wood.

I have a Younique pencil and tried sharpening it for the first time this morning using my Cover Girl sharpener. Doesn't work.

Takes chunks out of the plastic leaving sharp pieces sticking out, and pieces of plastic got stuck in my sharpener. Maybe newer sharpeners are being made that handle the plastic pencils, but older ones like mine don't.


I have this eye liner. I sharpen it with my cheap Wal-mart eye liner sharpener. You do not have to buy the younique sharpener.


????? You can use any sharpener on your eyeliner pencil. It's eyeliner....


I have this and mine sharpens fine with my sharpener that's not younique! But I also didn't buy like a cheap little sharpener I bought a cosmetics sharpener at Walmart still was only a couple dollars.


So I'm not a presenter, but I'm a loyal customer considering becoming one. I just bought a eye liner pencil and haven't even tried it out yet.

I read this and wanted to see if it's true. Mine sharpened just fine with my sharpener I already had on hand that's not Younique.

So maybe stop by the dollar store and find one for cheap that would be compatible? Mine worked just fine!


Wow didn't have anything else to complain about?? Most of us are smart enough that if we use an eyeliner pencil that we know we will need to use a sharpener.

I guess some people need to be told everything.

Really????..... I am researching makeup and came across this and couldn't believe someone was actually complaining about it.


It's literally a pencil, though. Why in the world are you getting salty with someone who couldn't believe that a pencil wouldn't be versatile with ANY sharpener? This is a website where people come to share their bad experiences, if you DON'T want to see these kinds of complaints then maybe don't come onto this website lmao.


A lot of eyeliners shaped like the Younique one are able to be twisted up or come with a sharpener built in.


It's not as simple as that. It doesn't look like a wood pencil.

It looks plastic. I kept trying to figure out how to twist it etc.

I'm not dumb. It's just confusing.


I can’t sharpen mine either. I give up!

Going to a different kind until they get this fixed. Its a shame too cuz I love the pencil otherwise.

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