This isnt a complaint, I bought close to $300 worth of product because I needed to replace my makeup and thought it would be nice to help out a friend. I returned all of the product due to very poor quality and got all my money back no hassle.

That being said, the quality was so poor for the price paid, it seemed as if it were shipped from someones garage which had been sitting there for years.

I loved the mascara (for the first 3 minutes until it all fell onto my face and looked like a racoon). But again, all my money back no hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Mankato, Minnesota

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I am not sure why there are so many complaints on the makeup. I use it every day and love it.

I did have problems with the fiber lashes at first but I was not applying the product correctly. After I started doing it correctly I haven't had any problems. Everything I have read so far tells me that the real complaints are with the presenters. A good presenter is going to make sure the customer is 100% happy with the products and if they aren't they will make it right.

I have used the products for a year and just this March signed up as a presenter. I hate that so many people have had bad experiences with Younique.

Mine has not been that way. I hope that I will not disappoint my customers.


My daughter just had all her make up done with all younique products for her prom by a professional and by the time we got home (10 mins later) the fibres from the mascara were under her eyes. Not impressed with foundation either. She wiped it all off and did her own with own products and looked much better thankfully.


Interesting..the only time mine fell off onto my face was when I didn't follow the directions.


It's *** that last a week, or two weeks tops. C.R.A.P!!


Have you tried placing rosewater, the uplift serum, or even a little saline solution in it?? We don't like that it dries up fast but it dries up fast because people don't typically clean off the mascara wand after applying fibers and the fibers get in and dry it up....

so you sprits a little rose water or contact solution or a tiny drop of uplift serum in and it remoisterizes it... I've used the same mascara for 4 months.


Is this a Younique presenter? If so this is the very reason that many people complain.

It seems like more often than not if there is a complaint, there is a presenter who swoops in to blame it on the customer. It's very sad.


I LOVED the mascara!! And I'm not a presenter.... Not yet anyway


Why does somebody need instructions on how to put on mascara? It's not like they're false lashes.

Also if you need your own mascara to use too, this just screams scam. Don't waste your money people, go for a real brand instead.


You should try watching some tutorial videos for Younique. The first few times I tried applying several of the products it definitely didnt work out like I thought it would, then I watched videos and got tips from presenters and now it looks amazing on me.


Wondering why we need to apply this makeup in a special way...

(I understand the fiber mascara has to have the top coat for it to work) but regular make-up?


Because younique presenters and their cronies can't apply makeup to save their lives

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