I became a presenter in hopes of making a little money and I love makeup. I was not impressed with anything, in fact, at their prices and the quality it would just be embarrassing to try and sell.

You see all these "amazing" best makeup ever from presenters but within the social presenters groups its another story. Post after post of customer complaints and how to respond, breakouts, visits to the eye doctor because of the 3d mascara, inferior product etc. many problems with customer service. Its ridiculous.

The liquid touch foundation made me look 10 years older and transferred onto everything, the mascara was a clumpy mess, took alot of effort to apply and irritated my eyes and quite expensive for less than drugstore quality. The eyeshadow pallett was decent but for $49 there is way better out there. My upline had excuse and reasons for everything. I did not use the younique foundation brush ($32) I used primer but had to use the younique primer ($39) and I needed to use their rose water for the mascara ($39) so the $39 younique foundation needs $71 in additional products to work and the $29 mascara needs another $39 in products to work.

Ripoff. Subpar products

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am a Younique Presenter. Only because you get suspended and then deactivated after 6 months of inactivity.

I have spent so much money on these products and its shameful.

I would never lie about my reviews. This makeup SUCKS. Some of it is good.

(lip stain, liquid lipstick, rosewater, cream shadows...) But a lot of it is HORRIBLE (lip stick, exfoliator, foundation, liquid eyeliner...)

Shipping is horrible. I ordered on Thursday and still havent recieved shipping info. Younique sold 60% of the company to Coty and sinxe that happened younique has fone to ***. They give incentives like "sell 10 kudos, let a huge makeup trunk for free".

They dont tell you, though, that all 10 of those have to be individual buyers who need to make an account with a valid email address. These incentives arent things anyone can easily obtain. I work my *** off trying to sell this *** makeup. And for what?

To be stuck at yellow cause I can't drop 2k on makeup a month? Because in honest with people and say "no, dont buy this lip bon bon because it's ***..."

I'm so over it.


Interesting.... Was told to sell ASAP..

Account will be closed in 30 days..... I lost my customers after month two, month three bought 6 items, 180. I can't afford to buy for me no sales for one month.

Prices way to high.... Products crap to keep wasting my money, for what a discount...


Agreed. All the positive reviews HAVE to be coming from presenters. I had so many complaints while I was selling it


I am a presenter but have had only one negative comment and that was simply because the customer changed her mind about wanting liquid lipstick. Every other comment from CUSTOMERS were nothing but positive.

I ask for their blunt honesty because I want their truth. And it is always great reviews. As for the mascara being clumpy, I don't use the rose water- I simply wipe my gel applicator after doing the second coat over the fibers. If you don't do that second coat of gel, the fibers will fall off.

Wiping the gel applicator after that second coat keep fibers from getting in the gel. No clumps. I am sorry you had a bad experience. I have oily skin and the liquid foundation works wonders.

I also use the skincare because it has cleared up a lot of my skin problems.

I have used the foundation without primer and it worked just fine, though it looks MUCH better with primer (I have huge pores).

A lot of it is in how you use the products and knowing how vs. how not to apply things.


The reviews speak for themselves.


Typical younique/presenter response. Customer shaming because their product doesn't work, YOU must be applying it wrong.


Sure. Let's see those reviews in writing, eh? BS.


There are many sites aside from this one Makeup alley chickadvisor so many others if you can get passed the boat loads of presenters just giving good reviews for sales lol

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