1st and Foremost, I would love to meet these people that give Younique a bad rap about the touch mineral foundation and the 3D mascara. Do you not know how to ask the person you bought the makeup from to maybe give you a tutorial or for the 3D lash fibers, did you not know you're supposed to blow them off gently before application?

I didn't know all this either, but if you look at the stats Younique is killing MAC right now. In closing, this isn't to bash anyone, if you've never tried the product ASK!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

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Younique should probably get bigger and better guns for "killing MAC". Not to mention Clinique, Dior, Trish McAvoy, Este Lauder and even L'Oral and Revlon.

If it works for you, that's awesome but Younique isn't killing anyone. Stop spouting that propaganda BS.


Younique does not have quality products. It has horrible reviews on every make up site. Your claim its "killing MAC", in your desperate attempt to defend younique and sell it, is ridiculous.


If you buy a good, truly high end makeup their should be no tricks or extra products to buy to make them work! A tutorial to apply foundation or mascara?

That is so utterly ridiculous.

I HATE how they tout "natural makeup" compleyely false! Nothing at all natural about Youniques ingredients.


The only reason anyone buys this is bc they feel guilty tripped into buying it by one of their friends..Trust me..It's ***


Younique does not have good quality product most especially with the prices they charge. Killing Mac! Thats hilarious.


Wow, are you ***? Younique will NEVER do better than MAC.


Can't really *** at people for not asking their distributer for a tutorial. If makeup sold through the company is different from regular makeup and requires a tutorial maybe one should be offered why should they have to ask?

If this happened to me I'd leave a bad review as well.


Company preys on girls with no self esteem, taps into it, then makes them prey on all of their friends with no self esteem on social media, Ive deleted 3 people shilling this junk on my social media, couldn't log on once without some *** post about how awesome they feel now that they found this AMAZING product thats changed their life. LMAO.

Im sorry but if makeup changed your life......you still have issues. Posting a video 3 times a day doing make up....not cool.

Your product is junk, based on lies about ingredients as well. Do not buy this product, you can and will find better for cheaper in bargain bin at drug store.


When younique presenters are desperately trying to pretend their products are good and 'killing' MAC. No hun.

No one believes it no matter how many girl boss memes you post trying to flog mascaras to your mates, yoy aren't killing it. Having other culture members cheering eachother on trying to convince more people to join your pyramid scheme isn't killing it. When presenters are encouraged to spend money on Cards and hours on facebook pretending they are living the highlife (even though when you work out the time spent you aren't even making minimum wage and every younique presenter I know still works fulltime).

Don't get salty on reviews because you made poor life choices. The products are *** and the presenters boring.


Lol sorry to let u down but nobody should have to blow their mascara in order to make it look good..plus that's unsanitary and it's drying the mascara before u even put it on which duh makes mascara flake down but whatev keep blowin that mascara wand


First of all it has nothing to do with being sanitary. You could shake it on your table if needed.

Plus we have a new formula, we don't use the old one. Keep your panties on.


Ha! The reformulated one is WORSE than the old one.


Your meant to blow the fibre wand not the mascara wand so doesn't dry anything out ..

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