Ive used younique makeup for over a year and LOVE it. Seriously some of these complaints made me laugh out loud.

If your reps are acting like you say, they are doing it all wrong! If the makeup doesn't last, maybe use primer. If the mascara is flaking, your not applying it properly, or you didn't buy from a rep and got a fake one. If things don't work the way you expected, maybe your doing it wrong.

You can't always blame the company. In sure some of you are reps for other companies and that's too bad but don't bash another one.

There are millions of people out there that love younique and what they stand for. They support victims of sexual assult and that's enough for me to not talk *** even if i didn't like a product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Makeup.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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Thank you so much for your review, you have just made up my mind for me and will never ever buy any younique product, your a rep and talk like that? Your a joke and judging from other reviews so are your products. Cheers from a very lucky Aussie !


As someone who's been sexually assaulted, I don't need some garbage company "supporting me." Besides I once went to a horrible local shop that used similar claims of supporting victims of whatever. You aren't fooling anybody


I am a Younique Presenter, I do love the products. But unlike the person that wrote this review I have not been laughing at the reviews.

I have been learning from them. I hope that as a presenter if a customer is not happy with the products that I do everything in my power to fix it. I will not push a product on someone, ever, and I will not recommend a product that I have not tried myself.

If my customer is not happy I will do my best to help with the return and refund.

Everyone has the right to speak their mind about a product. That is freedom of speech.


Just because the money goes to victims of sexual assault

1. Doesn't make the product good

2. Isn't a *** order not to speak about the experience of the product honestly

3. You are probably not the best rep out there. A good rep wouldn't laugh at comments. Nor would a good and trusted business person.


I'm a make up artist, professionally trained and did invest in some younique products to see what the hype was about. Younique is rubbish.

If I did someone's make up with your products, I'd lose my reputation and business.

For what your products are, they're terribly expensive. It's a wonderful thing that they support sexual abuse victims but it doesn't excuse the fact younique is poor quality and overpriced.


Is clear you are a yonique Representative I asked if there was talc in the shadows was told no it's all natural I went and looked up the ingredients first one is talc.Dont disregard others complaints money doesn't grow on Trees we deserve what we pay for


This make up is the quality of cover girl with a price tag of urban decay. Go give your opinion to your other brainwashed "sisters" and peddle your *** make up to some unsuspecting soul. The make up is in no way worth the cost!!!

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