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Ive debated on posting this or not. But i feel like i have to.

Ive been a "independent presenter" for little over three months. Ive tried almost all of the products, spent hours and hours inline doing videos, watching videos, being involved in team chats etc. Ill have ti say this company is a huge scam. My "sponser" literally has 300 girls under her and doesnt give a flying *** about any of us individually.

She inly caters to the higher status presenters and doesnt help us lower girls. She spends thousands of dollars to boost her videos on facebook so that she can "hook more presenters" she makes the makeup look so flawless and amazing, and "hey im literally posting on facebook and i make lots and lots of money" the make up is ***. LITERALLY ***. the foundation is too oily, the mascara SUCKS, eyeliner is awful.

I do like the palletts but that is all. If youre thinking about joining DO NOT DO IT i was instructed to put products on my creditcard because the more products you have the more you can sell. This was told to me by my presenter Shandelle Clifford. Its all a scam.

Dont do it. Ever. Ever.

They want you to bully and bother your family members. Its not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Makeup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I use Younique foundation, not the BB cream but the one with glass bottle and dripper and love it, dries like a powder very easy to apply and can apply multiple layers for more coverage (not oily. And have And have never been told (yet) to use my CC I have only worked with (not for, because I am my own boss) them for 2.5 weeks.


Defamation at its best. You just obviously are NOT good at marketing and getting yourself out there.

Dont blame other people for you not being successful.

That will get you no where in any career. Try harder or pick a different job!


Thank you..... I agree..... No one wants to help the lower presenters, or help the customers.

I Was told to offten that I was using everything wrong and was not following as institutioned....


Wow look at all this uplifting and empowering by younique presenters. I wonder how their businesses are 8 months later.

What status are they now? How much have they grown?

I'm sure they're stagnating at the bottom while those at the top make money. Classic MLM.


What's really sad is I'm not a younique consultant, not on Shandelle's team since I'm not a consultant, not her friend, never met her but love her videos. She always, every day, goes step by step by step for how she puts her make up on so people can LEARN.

She's empowering people by teaching them.


I love that everyone on the Younique team is talking about how the company helps women build each other up and empower each other, but most of you are then turning around and attacking this poor girl for sharing her experience, which happened to not be a great one. If you're against tearing other women down, why don't you offer support and encouragement rather than aggressive and hateful comments?

This is just Mean Girls to the inth degree. Shameful, and I wouldn't join this "women empowering" company just because of some of the things said by the presenters here.


Younique reps are the worst! Sorry you had to deal with that, you're much better off getting a real job and walking away from the mlm scam pipe dream.

Looked this Shandelle character up and she seems like a shady person, must be nice getting rich off other's debt. Karma dear ;)


to the independent presenter who made this post... I'm wondering do they instruct presenters to use any photo manipulation when taking selfies to show/sell the product?

I'm asking because I've seen several photos of presenters promoting the product and their photos look like they gone though some sort of photo manipulation...

blurry/glamor effects. I'd ask my friend who is a presenter but I know it would hurt her feeling that I'm calling out her manipulated photos/selfies...


I really think so but can not confirm. I've used all the products.

The foundation is oily, the BB cream is cakey. The mascara. Oh don't get me started on the mascara. The only good thing is the eyeshadow pallets.

I paid 50 dollars for the facemask that broke my face out and almost burned it. But it's "all natural" so I was told I use it incorrectly. The eyeliner doesn't go on over the eyeshadow. My photos NEVER looked like the ones that I saw in the beginning when I started.

I blew over 400 dollars on the product. Thinking it would "change my life". I sold to may family and friends. They all hated it too.

The really big presenters pay close to 1000 a month to post their posts to get people to buy from them which is smart however the makeup is not good make up at all. Save your money.

Go to ulta. Buy the good stuff.


...or just go to Walmart and buy the cheaper stuff like Covergirl, Maybelline and so on. I refuse to spend a ton of money on makeup when there are so many other things that are much more important, like gas and groceries...and ya know...the light bill.


I'm a presenter and I have NEVER heard anyone instruct to alter our photos. I never have.

I've had a couple people ask if I have and I wouldn't even know how lol. The whole point is to show what the product really does.

Some presenters may alter photos but thats their own choice, not something they were told to do. Hope that answers your question dear


As a previous presenter I saw several tutorial on how to alter your pictures while still keeping the eye colors ect that was one of the red flags for me personally. But Idk if they still do that You shouldn't need to tho.

Not if the products work. Not every product works for every skin type esp skin care . Since finding a company that the skin care changed my skin and foundation that works amazing and is used on TV and movie sets with professional and celebrity makeup artist that's what's worked for me. I think all presenters are different but there's alot who dont care about the down line or to teach properly.

Unfortunately it makes the companies with great products and people look bad as well. Esp attacking someone for wanting to be honest and cha get thier life for the better.

I can even look back and see what I was being taught to do with pictures wasnt right. But again that was just what I experienced.


Idk where to start lol. After reading this all I can do is laugh.

The product does exactly what it claims if used correctly. My 9 year old daughter figured it out so idk how you couldn't. There's no scam, you failed because you failed. It's that simple.

And Shandelle Clifford doesn't care about us?! We're you able to type that with a straight face?! On top of taking care of her kids, her family, her friends and 2 businesses she takes the time out of her day to help all of us with our many issues, runs multiple group pages for us, and is there for everyone. I have heard so any girls wish they could be on her team because she cares.

Their sponsor just signed them and wrote them off. She doesn't have to give every one of us her personal number, do team chats all the time, incentives, challenges, and so much more but she does. How can you honestly say she doesn't care. I'm sorry that you didn't meet your goals and expectations you set but that's the consequence you face for setting them with an entitled attitude.

The things in life worth having are worked for. And you can shower someone with tips, and tools, and support and everything to help them succeed but if you choose not to use them it's on you. If you had actually listen to EVERYTHING that she tells.us instead of what was convenient then I feel like you would have no grounds for this slander and false post. Idk what's worse, the deflection, the ignorance or the entitlement.

I worry that if you can't even accept responsibility for your own actions than you alive a hard road ahead of you hun. We are told from day 1, this is OUR business to run OUR way. Just because YOUR way doesn't work tou don't get to blame someone else. If you don't like the road you're traveling, change course.

I am proud to say that I am a y sister & that THE Shandelle Clifford is my sponsor! She pushes me & inspires me and doesn't give up on me and I am far from being one of her top girls. I am floored at the immaturity of this. My daughter doesn't even act like this or talk *** behind people's back & again...she's only 9!

Smh If we have an issue or question or anything we can ahem ways talk to Shandelle and I wish you would have just done so instead of hid behind your screen and resorted to high school bs. You're mad that you didn't get your way and here you are spewing ugliness and lies to try and hirt Shandelle & pacify your hurt feelings and shattered ego because you didn't succeed in Younique & she is still thriving. Every day she is hard working, caring, smiling, helping, supporting, empowering & SUCCEEDING while you sit in your petty bitterness and feeling sorry for yourself. So who are you really hurting?

You need to face your own reflection, not get pissy because you couldn't be someone else. The only person who is in control of your life is YOU! And where you go in pife is on YOU. Y sisters are supposed ro empower and uplift women not tear them down ( or try at least lol) and I'm sorry that you turned your back on that.

Its your loss. Now I've spent enough time on this child's play, I have some adult things to deal with. Whemever youre done with this scgool uard sandbox child's play, get yourself some big girl panties and stop acting like brat.

I'll be living life, chasing my dreams and pushing to succeed and be the best woman I can be and traveling down the road of a strong & determined woman. I hope you find that road someday.


Please excuse the many typos people lol. It is 2:00 am where I am, my auto correct is a *** and my thumbs were flying. Oh well, I think you get the point...


I got bored reading this like 3 sentences in. This girl is completely right.

Younique is a scam. The makeup does suck.


I am seriously disappointed in the eye brow pencil. The foundation dn last as it is thin. I like it but I run out fast.


Here is some advice from someone who was in an MLM years ago. One important thing I learned was to never discredit your upline or any other distributors or in your case, independent presenters.

This makes your upline look bad, it makes you and your products look bad. Negativity has No Business in Business. If you want to be good at what you do, you need to ignore another distributor being negative. It can be hard at times, but it will be better for you in the long run.

Please take this advice with a grain of salt, and definitely discuss it with your upline. I’m not in an MLM anymore, it wasn’t for me, but I still practice the positive things that I learned. The MLM I was in, was World Wide Dream Builders of Quixtar Amway. Best decision I ever made, to be apart of this wonderful group, a great life learning experience.

Good Luck in your MLM.


Plain and simple, product is junk. Im sorry you fell for all this empowerment B.S lmao, I feel sorry for anyone who fell for this pyramid scheme.

@You are brainwashed

You won't make money. You won't fulfil your 'dreams'.

Don't be naive. It's a scam.


I am on Shandelle’s team as well and she is a horrible leader. She has done NOTHING to help me at all.

All I hear out of her mouth is if you don’t go live emery day you are making excuses. It’s not an excuse when you are a single mom with two kids and their dad checked out 13 years ago. I have always done it on my own. No money or help from him.

I work two jobs. I have enough time in between jobs to feed my kids and help with homework. When I get home it’s after 1 am and I have to be up at 4 am to get ready for my full time job and get my kids ready for school. I don’t have time to go live everyday.

She has no clue at all what it’s like and it’s not an excuse. Not everyone can sit on their butt all day making videos because their significant other has no job and can help run the house. She preaches mom life but she has no clue about mom life. I haven’t been on vacation with it without my kids since...never.

Can’t afford to take off either job. That is mom life. I don’t buy new clothes everyday or get hair extensions or fake nails or microshaded brows. I have kids so I’m not numero uno anymore.....that’s mom life!!!

She is trash and she is clearly as ignorant as they come. Carrying her kids in the wound, being an honest Ape, and can’t even spell the word babies correctly. She likes everyone to think she is this fabulous leader but she only helps the presenters that benefit her. Kisha Royse is the best presenter and is all about mom life.

She puts her kids first every single time. Shandelle could learn a lot from her especially how to do makeup.

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