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I signed up for a presenters kit, I loved all the make up I got for only 99 bucks. Im not sure why people hate younique so much?

They talk really bad about it, Ive tried it and from experience I loved their make up. This is how I see it you wont know if you like something until you try it. With every makeup brand will be a group of people who love the makeup and people who hate it. The only reason I became a presenter wasnt to sell makeup lol its because with every order you get money back, meaning I can buy from myself.

Their liquid lipstick stays on over night, also it stays on while eating. They have the best liquid lipstick I have EVER tried. But remember, don't take someones word for something. If I was to say "OH MY GOD THEIR MINERAL TOUCH FOUNDATION COVERED MY BURN SCARS!!!!" Dont be an *** and go and buy it just because I stated that.

Buy it because you wanna test it out, and remember every makeup brand works differently on each and every person. I cant use mary kay because it made my skin break out, yet i know tons of girls who use and love it. But I havent ever tried their foundation. Im very picky about the foundation I use due to the fact any type can easily make me break out.

Also, their eyeshadow palettes are extremely pigmented. There are other products to try out besides their foundation. Don't just try one product and then say the whole brand sucks. However the only things I did see that I wasnt to fond of were their lipstick bonbons.

Theyre cute but the coverage isnt very good.

Look up their lipstick swatches, even the shadow palette ones. Theyre amazing and are worth the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Lipstick.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Younique Pros: Makeup.

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I read 80% of younique sales is presenters not return customers. Hmm wonder why? Their makeup is drugstore quality at high end prices and theor customer service is a joke

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