I purchased a lipstain. Will not even go on.

I have been contacting younique and no response.

Money wasted.

Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Presenters !!!!!! Why are you on this page ???

This is for complaints ! Not so you can try to fix people's problems when clearly the one who sold the product or the company itself has failed to do. I'm convinced you're on the payroll to try and counter all the negative reviews. The products and lack of customer service speaks for itself.

Maybe time to start looking for another job. This company is going under and fast.


Hi, I was wondering if you have been able to return it or get a refund yet? Your presenter should be helping you. If she hasn't I can try.


Make sure your lips are dry, no lip balm or anything. It goes right on.

You can do a few coats for a darker color.

Just wait a few minutes in between. I love mine!


Stick to buying cosmetics from stores or websites with good return policies. Direct sales companies are not in the business of hassle free returns.


Mine works. you have to do it on a dry lip and make sure you don't have gloss or anything oily on your lips.

Go thru your product rep. They should be able to replace what you purchased.

They have a very good policy about that. Then maybe you won't think you wasted your money

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