I started to buy Younique products and later became a presenter to help my daughter in law. However, the customer service is terrible.

I had a lip liner that dried out after 6 months. I had hardly used it. They refused to send me another one because it was past their warranty time. Pencils are not supposed to dry out!

I use different ones at a time and have done Revlon ones that I've kept in my drawers for years without a problem. I had issues with the mascara drying out as well. The liquid foundation is great but not much else. I'm not buying or selling from them.

I'd rather purchase at a department store. They always stand behind their products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Lip Pencil.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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How does a lip liner PENCIL dry out?


If you clean your makeup regularly and don't share it with others I keep may makeup way past the date they say you should and never have I had an issue..Always keep lids brushes and even wipe eyeshadows off


It has to dry up or no one would buy more..They keep making new formulas and continue to cut costs on products and it shows this is *** make-up


After six months, there's a reason. It's expired.


Just for the record you should be buying new make up every 3 mo. Your risking infection.


Same thing with the liquid eyeliner. Dries out extremely fast.


If stored properly, it shouldn't dry out, mine never did!

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