Little Rock, Arkansas
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Due to the absolute heinous remarks made my Jordan Philbeck and Kelly Owens on a LIVE Facebook video I am leaving Younique! I will never recommend Younique to any of my friends. I have never, even in High School, seen such a grotesque display of bullying, belittlement and defamation of character to a person. It is a disgrace these women represent Younique.

Younique's mission statements reads, "Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward."

These two women displayed ZERO regard for this mission statement and completely slandered a young, beautiful & UPLIFTING woman. A woman whose mission is to help others see the beauty inside themselves. You can have my "Y-cash" and I will be tossing my products. I would never want to represent a company who stands behind other women who bully others because they chose a different path in life.

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I had a similar experience with a "presenter". She misrepresented products (didn't seem to know much) and then when I canceled the order she cursed me out with fouls language like Jerry Springer show even flipped me off by emoji.

All over a few dollars worth of products I can't use because they have fragrances in them - which presenter said they do not. This should be against the law.


Arkansas unfortunately is known for other bullies as in Lumeluvht by Alcone beauty guides/executives. Oklahoma too. Wonder if there all in the same group.


What the heck did they do or say? This post gives no details.


Just the looks on their faces is condescending. Thank you, but NO THANK YOU!

I've always wondered about Younique. Seeing this post eliminates any further curiosity. I would hate to support a company that allows anyone to belittle and bully another and publicly even. I have training in interpreting facial expressions, voice pitch, body composure & movements, etc.

I don't have to hear what's being said to understand that the shorter woman believes she is better than the individual(s) she's speaking to and is attempting to dumbsplain (explain something to somebody she believes to be of significant lower intelligence to herself). The taller woman is clearly giving the individual(s) the "mean girls" look. She appears to be thinking/saying "You're seriously wearing that?

I wouldn't be caught dead in that. Were you blind when you picked it out?" Let's be honest ladies, you don't even need my training to know that if another woman is looking at you like either one of these, they ARE NOT going to be friendly and complimentary unless they are being sarcastic.


These two women have impeccable character and I believe you know it. Also typically people don't leave a company over someone's thought is that you're searching for any reason to focus on so that you can leave.

Sounds rediculous to me. These two women have done a bang up job.

@Younique fan

It's "ridiculous", not "rediculous". You don't know this poster, and are making a lot of assumptions about what she did.

@Younique fan

The above post and other product reviews would indicate otherwise. Could you give specific information that would dispute what has been reported here? If so, that would be helpful.


As a presenter myself I would love to be able to see hear for myself. However, each person runs their own business and while I totally support the fact that some do some rotten things...the company and those living that mission statement should not be targeted because of certain people who do not act appropriately.

I see this happen too. Hurts to think that the words of a few would impact us all.

Seriously, if I go to Target and someone is nasty..I am just gonna find a different Target. People can be jerks in every walk of life.


All I can say is look at their record. I stand behind them.

They have inspired me to be the best I can be. I've become a success personally because of their leadership.


Well, that's what she's doing. She's finding another Target.


You literally just said it though. "I'll find a different target"...this lady can go and find a different make up company that won't act in a disgusting manner.

The company should absolutely be targeted because (and I'll spell this out) THEY REPRESENT THE you understand? You're wearing rose tinted glasses there flower.


So when encountering a rude employee at a Target, would you blame target for the employees that represent the company and never buy from any target ever again because of it?. Sounds like a stretch.

Plus, what as said?

What was so bad that the entire company and all if it's people are being blamed for it?. That was never answered..


Well, this is a website about companies...and companies are responsible for their hires. If their hiring is so lax that they would have this woman as a representative, it is completely acceptable and normal to go elsewhere, and talk about her experience. Why would you be on a forum if you think people should just move to another location (if there even is one)?


If that's a video, it won't play. What did they do?


I'm not part of younique but you shouldn't let two disgraceful people stop your journey, just strive to be a better person than them, plus I'd be reporting them to head office and hope they punish these women for doing that!

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