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All you have to do is go to the Better Business Bureau for Utah where they are based and file a complaint. They SHIPPED my product in about 4 hours of my filing the complaint.

I had waited two months and was being told it would be another two. I actually believe it's a money laundering company of sorts. Think of it this way. They take $50 from 5,000 people and put it in the bank.

They earn interest on that money without any intention of shipping the product for 4 months. I could live with that kind of free money. When I finally got the foundation it wouldn't even cover a freckle much less red lipstick clown makeup like the videos show on YouTube.

It's garbage and they have the worst customer/web site I have EVER experienced. I honestly believe there will be a class action lawsuit against them in the future for fraudulent business practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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they are not doing any sort of money laundering. the problem was/is that they only ordered a certain amount of foundation from the manufacter, and there was no limit on the amount that presenters (the reps) could order.

combine that with the hype, and they ran out of product super quick. this time, there is a limit of only 2 foundations per order, so that presenters will not buy 10 in order to stock up, and also so customers will not do the same.


It's gross. I got it about four days after filing my complaint with the BBB.

I was going to keep it because I was so sure it was going to be wonderful. It's gross and won't even cover a couple of freckles/sun spots (very minor ones).

Save your money. The stuff from Wallmart works better than this junk.


I actually wondered the same thing with the stock issues. Many new direct sales companies have to place bulk orders from their manufacturer in order to receive the best price and in turn obtain the most profit.

I have been wanting to purchase the liquid foundation for months but can't seem to catch it when it's available.


Some shades haven't been available to order outside of a collection since December!! I've got everything I needed/barely use from a collection and don't need/want to waste my money on more product I barely use...

I love the liquid foundation! I think it covers beautifully for me... But the fact that it's been out of stock since December and it's now March... And the fact that when I checked tonight the new estimate for restock said "to be determined" along side my "sponsor's" unwillingness to listen to anyone on her team's frustrations with the back order issue is why I'm leaving the company.

Oh and the fact that people in my upline want me to push other products. I get up-selling...

I get that some people may get fabulous results with other products, but if my customers can't try it out first to even SEE if it works well for them and I don't love the product, I'm not going to push something on them they may not like. I feel that's bad business.


First, it's not your sponsors fault that products are on back order, so you shouldn't be complaining to them, you should be calling corporate. Second, it's not about your upline wanting you to "push" other products, it's about working YOUR business.

They are only there to help you with advice. How your viewing things is wrong. When you became a presenter, what were you expecting? This is your business that YOU need to figure out how to work it.

Why only promote a product you like, and thats not even in stock? Not everyone likes the liquid. It's all about personal preference. I personally love the BB Cream.

Yes, it sucks how long its taking for our customers, but just be HONEST with them. they will respect you and your business a lot more.


It's not the sponsors fault that corporate has such *** business practices. I've used four of their products now and I don't like ANY of them.

There are so many brands to choose from and let's face it, who wants to spend top money on an inferior makeup. I've gone back to Sephora myself for the most part. I'm always checking out new lines and products but I've heard NOTHING good about their products except from presenters in the beginning. It doesn't take more than six or eight months and they are more fed up than their customers.

I know ONE presenter who is doing well. She got in at the beginning and is the most pushy woman I personally know. I'm sure she pushes the company around to get what she wants and gets it.

She's one of their "golden girls". I'm so done with this company, their products and their pushy presenters.


Why does everyone call this your own business and #bossbabe and what not. It's embarrassing, this company is tricking women into thinking this is anything like having your own business.

Of course the products are sub par for the price. How many people need to get paid from each purchase and they're still turning a profit!


You can file the complaint with the Better Business Bureau online. It's not hard or time consuming to do.

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