I hate the cream foundation. Didn't want it, but liquid wasnt available.

I can't believe a company runs out of one of its most wanted products. The cream stays on maybe 4 hours. I wouldn't even buy anything else from younique, but my daughter is getting me the liquid for my birthday.

You lost a customer here. Even if i like it, i will find comparable somewhere else

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Memphis, Missouri

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Lol you know it's good when you run out duh do you not ever buy good makeup? It goes out of stock always


This is the most idiotic statement I've heard yet!


Good makeup is never out if stock unless you are in Target or Walmart! Not knocked them- I still buy from them.

But you will never go to a MAC counter or finer cosmetic brand and they are out of foundation. Drink some more of that Younique Kool Aid.


I use Estée Lauder and they have been out of my color several times


Deff contact your rep or customer service and get a refund or exchange.


Bare minerals serum. It's basically what younique tried to copy, even the brush is almost the same!


I love younique make up! Love the foundation and 3DLashes


try Mary Kay!


Hi! Hopefully as a presenter I can explain this for you...

Younique is still VERY new, just hit their third anniversary. Because of FDA regulations on certifications to maintain their status for organic, animal free, etc.... it can take a very long time to fill orders. When they started they had a contract with a company in Italy and neither were prepared for the level of business they now have.

And when you are dealing with all natural ingredients and not synthetic, products can't just be duplicated over night. As far as the cream foundation, it sounds like you may want to contact your presenter.

They really should've asked you a series of questions to best match your skin type to give you maximum results. I'm sorry you had to go through this and I hope you like the liquid!


Your products are not worth the money. Period. Overpriced and mediocre quality.

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