I had given Younique a chance. I have never needed to wear makeup because I've had flawless skin. But I decided to help my friend and give the liquid mineral foundation a try.

Let's start off with after 3 months, I still have a horrible rash on my face and breakouts from the mineral touch foundation. The product does not work like they say it does. I don't know how they make it look so nice on YouTube videos but it's horrible. Not only does it smell terrible, the foundation is super oily and greasy. It reminds me of putting globs of sunscreen on my face. It made my face look greasy. I tried to wear it all day, and I jut couldn't. My face looked discusting. I washed it off and use the wipes they sell. Also another terrible product.. But the second application with the powder puff brush was even worse and the make up had chunks in it. The brush left bristles all over my face.

I tried to send product back after telling them I had chemical burns and a rash on my face after application but since it had taken 2 weeks to get to me, they would not hold up to the gaurente.

Also, stupidly about a month ago I tried to buy the $99 kit to became a presenter just to get the make up kit for my mom. They stole my $100 and said that it never was taken and no order existed. I tried to dispute it with my bank and am still trying to get my money back.

THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!! Stay away because the make up will give you rashes and burns!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Bellemont, Arizona

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Yep, me too with the rashes and burns-- and my skin is not sensitive!


I am currently trying to return a bottle of their foundation. This stuff is horrible.

It has left my face with a rash and the worst breakouts I have ever had. I had the same experience with the oiliness of this product.

I only used 3-4 drops and within a hour it looks like I used cooking oil on my face. Beings it took 3 weeks for me to receive my order I'm assuming a refund won't be happening


Me too. I first thought is was just that the winter weather was drying out my face, so I stopped using foundation totally. I use the Mineral Make up once after and i'm back to the chemical burn on my cheeks and eyes...won't ever get it again!


First off you can't even spell so how is anyone going to take your review serious? You obviously don't know how to apply makeup correctly because your using way too much sense your skin is turning oily after your application. Why would you go and buy a $99 make up kit if you were unhappy with your results with the liquid foundation?


It's ""you're" using way too much," and "since". Don't criticize if you can't use proper grammar.


The product was horrible, the customer service was horrible and they ripped you off....so....you decide to become a presenter? Really? You guys sound like a match made in heaven.


I'm sure your money issue is with the payment processor and not Younique. Many companies use a 3rd party payment processor much like PayPal is one and BillMatrix is another example. Maybe find out who Younique uses to process payment and THAT may help you find your money.


Again, a ridiculous post -- if this product was so horrible, WHY on earth would you purchase it for your mom?

1) I use this product, and while I'm not thrilled with some of the wait time for shipping, it is stated that any order with the "primer" will take longer, do to a PO regulation.

2) There is a warranty for a FULL REFUND and then there are partial refunds, and exchanges - so even if you didn't get this for 2 weeks, there was plenty of time for you to return for refund or exchange - had you done so within even the following month...

just sayin' -- this doesn't add up.

3) If you paid, then your bank has a record. If the bank can't find the record, why is Younique the bad guy here?

Another case of mis-directed anger.


The point of the post is to warn others about the product and the problems encountered. What is "ridiculous" is you commenting that her post is ridiculous. Sounds like you work for the company!


Wow, your putting a customer down because they wanted to provide feedback to other potential customers. How about having some empathy and saying sorry it broke your face out. I actually recently purchased this product and the stuff came out oily for me too, so decided to research about product reviews.

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