I bought the mineral liquid foundation from a presenter after watching tons of videos on it. This makeup is so bad.

It literally has the sheerest coverage I've ever seen. It gets super greasy within an hour and rubs off on everything. I even tried it with their primer and powder and still had the same results. On top of the terrible coverage for $50, it broke my face out horribly.

Even drug store brands are gentler on my skin.

I tested this on multiple occasions and can say for a fact, it was the culprit of my acne. Please save your money and purchase from more reputable companies that don't have inventory issues and pushy sales people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Anaheim, California

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What Younique will not tell you is that they changed the formula several times. It was different when they first sold it and did have better coverage.

Now, due to demand that they couldn't fulfill for over 6 months, they ordered a batch that was cheaper, watered down and oily. Which made them more money, but was *** for you. They did this with the 3D mascara as well. Changed the formula 5+ times.

Now it's junk. They also did this with Glorious.

Company made their millions, sibling owners are rich AF and you're in the poorhouse, and they honestly don't care because they have your money.

Save your money and buy better cosmetics. Many presenters in the thousands have quit, upper black and purple presenters have moved on to other make up companies, or all together left for better opportunities. Company is not what they used to be.

They had only $$ signs in their eyes.

Overpriced junk that is STILL made in China despite their claims.

If anything, for foundation, there are SO many better brands out there from even the drugstore and Sephora/Ulta. Presenters are pushy, aggressive and incredibly rude and catty.

They fight with each other and talk badly about their customers on their own posts. The purple fever is going downhill....


so so true! Thanks for sharing!


This comment is spot on. I joined Younique in 2014 and recently quit.

The first serious sign of trouble (and lack of corporate judgment) was the change in mascara formula. The company took the one decent product they had and messed it up - then got nasty if you wanted to give constructive criticism about it. Since then, the quality of the products have gone down and the price has gone up. I quit because I could not in good conscience sell overpriced mediocre makeup.

Their monthly promotions (kudos) are rarely enticing-enough discounts, and their commission is low compared to other companies.

I hope the brother/sister founders are saving their money now, because I don't think this company is going to make it long term. Their price point is too high for the average consumer, and those with the expendable cash will prefer higher quality products (and the flexibility to actually test the products out at stores like Sephora and Ulta).


I feel as if I could have written your comment, everything you said was dead on with my experience with Younique. I was once a presenter and now I feel terrible for even bothering my friends and family to waste their money of poor products.


I bought the mascara in 2015 and I loved it!


Why do you say it's made in China?


Did you shake the bottle? You may have just had a bad batch. It absolutely has the amazing coverage shown in the videos.


Are you another rep? Once again blaming the poor product on customer error.

This is such a scripted statement. I was a presenter, nice try but I have been told to write the same thing. I could not in good faith be associated with a company with such poor ethics.

I'm pretty sure that if you posted a negative review about Covergirl they would not turn in around on you. Instead they would take that complaint and try to make it right.


You fools are so predictable, seriously. No wonder you have to work for a pyramid scheme, you'd never make it in real sales.

Being condescending and treating your potential customers like their idiots is a terrible strategy. Sorry your products suck, time to swallow your pride now.


I agree

I just returned mine within the 7 days for full refund

I don't know how they show the YouTube videos with it covering everything


Thank you so much for your detailed comment about younique. I was just about to buy some online and decided to check out some reviews on it first. Glad I did!


Would you like to try Mary Kay foundation?


Not trying to promote them but just wondering if maybe there's something else out there that may fit your needs better. I have always liked Mary Kays makeup and have sensitive skin so that's a great brand for me.

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