I have the touch liquid..I like it, but...when I look at the magnifying part of my mirror I can see how the foundation sits on top of my face and lines and doesn't blend in..yes I use primer..i use a brush normally..sometimes a blender bud or my fingers when I need to blend more..I am going to try gioigio armani foundation..I like Laura Gellar balanve and brighten powder..I am 54, have some enlarged pores on my nose..but otherwise good skin, minimal lines..btw never look at the magnifying part...you will critique every part of your face..lol

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

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I bet you'd love the younique bb cream, the liquid foundation can do that with more of a dry skin type but the bb cream works wonders in that case


Have you tried Senegence products? I've become so in love with their products.

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