The mascara is terrible, it dried up after using it four times. The liquid foundation does not give the coverage they show in the videos, maybe they are using a lot of the product for that coverage?

I've been wearing makeup for years and I know how to apply it well. I don't use drugstore makeup, not that there is anything wrong with it, but it isn't for me. I get better coverage from my Urban Decay or Estee Lauder foundations than I do from Younique. I have many people on my friends list who sell this stuff.

The reason they sell out of products is because the presenters purchase the products. They basically board the product in hopes of a promotion.

The presenters were probably successful when the company first started, but many people have figured out the makeup is garbage now. Don't waste your money on this makeup.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I totally agree, what kills me are these people who school this garbage, they try and tell you that you did this and that wrong, but yet the make up I had prior I didn't have to do all this BS before applying.

So to you rocket scientists who try and tell me this stuff is amazing, but i have to make sure all the stars are aligned for it to work properly.....but yet my normal make-up i just apply and go.....which one is better?

We are the fools buying into this cult mentality of this pyramid scheme, anytime I see it on social media, i just block whoever and whatever source its coming from..........you are all beyond annoying.


I hate to tell you but if you do it correctly it actually saves you time it saves you money and instead of you being on here and ragging about it, you could have learned to use it properly in like a minute. It is so easy a monkey could do it and you would look flawless. I feel really sorry for people like you that have nothing better to do in your life than to sit here and complain about something that could make you look better and feel better and actually it's better for your skin, and your body because you have so many less chemicals going into your bloodstream and through your organs.


Another one brainwashed by the younique cult and girl power memes. It does absolutely nothing you say, its not better for my body, but you keep thinking that and trying to convince people your pyramid scheme makeup does not work because all you brainwashed reps tell us we are putting on wrong.

Your only comeback....I guess everyone except you younique people are the only ones who can apply make up the "right" way. Its absolutely embarrassing, cats out of the bag...its ***, and your "its your fault excuse" doesn't fly anymore.


Really sorry to tell you but the products are not good for your skin and cause the skin to become irritated and distressed. People are just being honest and wondering how these products are being sold as they are a craze that has tempted the mummies are home out there into thinking they will make a.

Ice sum of income from it, but to have longevity and respect it has to be what it says it is, and if you were honest you would agree it isn't.

The truth is the strongest and you might get initial sales but I doubt much if any repeat business when people complain on the mascara fibers drying up aver a couple of applications and told to put some of your Rose water into the bottle after just buying the produce and others saying the fibres fall into and irritate the eyes and re foundation touch minerals irritates the natural PH balance in the skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and what we put on our face gets absorbed into our body, such products in my opinion are not fit for purpose and sooner or later there will be a law suit against this company!

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