First, the foundation is a medium coverage. Sometimes you need a pressed powder or even the mineral concealer over your problem areas.

Second & most importantly everything you complained about sounds like technique problems. Did you use a damp beauty blender to smooth out the foundation? It also sounds to me like you don't have the right technique to apply the eye shadows. I wish people wouldn't write negative reviews just because they don't know how to apply high quality makeup.

I don't even use Younique. Yet. I've been watching Holli Megan's videos. She's a younique prsenter.

I started watching because this girl is just fun to watch.

I'm now going to try Younique just because Holli explains the makeup & techniques so well. Time to trade in my high end department store makeup for Younique

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Location: Livingston, New Jersey

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True "high end" makeup doesn't require a special technique or additional products to work. Cheap, sub standard makeup does. If younique were a high end makeup it wouldn't need anything to help make it work.


Hi, Holli. Good effort in trying to sell, but I don't think it worked.


Fake. Obvious younique presenter.

My friend was a younique presenter and even she said the products were awful. She gave it to me and as an Mua I can say it is awful and that isn't down to technique. If you are selling products to non muas it has to be easy to use.

Why is it people can use MAC, Nars or Chanel foubdations with no trouble but you are expecting them to have 'the right technique' to use younique. You really aren't selling it well


Why assume that someone doesn't have the techniques just because she didn't like the product? My friend is a presenter and I have tried essentially all of their products.

They're simply not worth the price. I deal with high end makeup all day. Because I'm actually a makeup artist, I don't just play one on youtube. There are better DRUGSTORE foundations than theirs.

That's how bad the formulas are. And some people may love it. They might really like having to work to build it up or deal with the insane amount of fall out from the shadows. That's fine.

But not everyone likes the same things. Her experience was similar to mine and many others as well. And foundation application is one of the easiest things to do. Yes, brushes and sponge quality can affect application, but this is just a bad makeup brand.

Like I said, some people may really love it, especially the people that peddle it, but you can get a great full coverage foundation for a lot cheaper. I recommend Dior for a luxury brand, Born This Way from Too Faced for high end, and L'Oréal Infallible matte or pro glow for drugstore options. Also their concealer is so streaky even using the least amount possible with still trying to have some type of coverage. It is *** compared to Tarte Shape Tape.

I bought the $139 kit from my friend just to be nice but still expecting something good out of it. I was lucky enough to have a few clients want to try it and they absolutely hated it as well. And they never hate anything! So it isn't always technique that is lacking.

Especially when we're talking about foundation. Just sayin'!


Lol but according to all the videos it's magic in a bottle. And you don't need pressed powder or concealer to cover your problem areas.

All you apparently need is the magical foundation. Someone out there is making a ton of money off of scamming people.


Pretty sure the person you are responding to said they watched all the tutorials.

I would bet my first born this is a Younique presenter trying to do damage control.

It did not work.


She claims to "not even use Younique" but knows all the specifics about coverage and technique, then conveniently name drops a rep. I would say nice try, but it wasn't even that. Lol!

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