Columbus, Georgia
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I will NEVER use this make up again! I bought an eyeshadow for my 17 year old daughter and I and we about clawed our eyeballs out!

The rep who sold it had been to the doctor 3 times because of what it was doing to her skin around her eyes! Then I read made in China and God knows where! Not a fan and will NOT purchase again!

May the Younique empire crumble! Your make up SUCKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Eyeshadow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Younique does not have any products made in China. Anything "made in China" is NOT Younique. If you do not purchase through a Presenter you cannot be sure of authenticity.


If your product says Made in China, it's an imposter and not the real product. If you're purchasing the products on sites like Ebay or Amazon, they are imposters.

We are not allowed to sell on these sites and the products are made in the US, Germany or Italy. Definitely NOT China.


I am a presenter and I sell on eBay. I was unaware of this. How do you know we cannot do that?


It is clearly stated in the Presenters guide that you cannot sell on Ebay or classifieds. You can read this guide in your back office. Some girls have lost their status due to that.

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