Im a presenter as of mid March, and after reading about other presenters i was embarrassed to try and continue selling it. I dont feel like i came off pushy or salesy, since im not a very social person anyway.

I would post in my group and messaged a few people one time asking if theyd be interested in hosting a party. But i am also extremey new to makeup, so nothing to really compare it to. Recently ive used different brands and tbh i dont see myself continuing down the younique path. Yes, their foundation for sexual abuse victims is amazing, but today i read its not as funded as i was lead to believe.

I am a stay at home mom, unable to work outside the house due to health issues, but i cant sell something that i dont 100% believe in. I do like a handful of their products (charcoal mask, eyeliner, rose water) but i am looking into other brands that may be cheaper. Other products i wouldnt even promote, as im just not a fan of (mascara, cream shadow, liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner, plus more). Price wise, some of it is worth it, but a lot of things not at all.

It is extremely hard to sell. I even tried doing half offs, free products, no tax, etc and i still couldnt sell anything.

And now they have a new fast track program, so everything ive done from march to now is going to be erased and have to start from scratch. Technically i am still active, but i wont be promoting, people know i sell it and if they want to buy something in particular they can reach out to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Eyeliner.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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