I hope someone, who like me, who was on the fence about buying and trying younique foundations, reads this and doesn't take it lightly. Get OFF the fence! Younique is terrible! Honestly, had the highest hopes. Even have friends that use it. I cant say enough, I couldn't be more disappointed. The truth, my experience....I'll keep it short....

Spent $150.00 with shipping, on cream foundation, primer, and bb cream. Omg, I never do this. With 4 children and a one income household, this was so dumb on my part! So dumb. I know better, but the raving reviews really roped me in. Yep...they did.

Received my order, totally excited! Yippie its here!! Right? Boy I was wrong to get that excited.

In a nutshell. ..

The cream foundation is complete grease! It rubbed off on my childrens faces if i kissed or hugged them, my clothes, and my fingers if I even scratch an itch! It was everywhere. So, I topped it with a pressed powder.....and still it easily runs off onto everything.

The BB cream.....My husband and I beleive it or not, kiss each other every day. His opinion...Omg what do you have on? It smells nasty and tastes awful! Please Get that *** off! Yep, it really tastes rancid for the pour soul that may encounter it thru a kiss. And it filled my cracks and crevices and gave me deeper more obvious lines. Im 32 years old......No thank you to more lines! No thanks to the nasty odor that I could smell all day! All natural or not...it stinks!

Tickling sensation.....

Now I do not have sensative, oily, or acne prone skin. I get dry...thats my biggest complaint. This makeup made me oily, made my face tickle and crawl with a fuzzel sensation. The blonde hairs that cover our faces naturally, were enhanced by the cream Foundation! If anything, it made it easier to pluck, as every hair was perfectly coated in cream, making them easy to see. I highly reccommend this product if you have poor eyesight and can't see your hairs to pluck them, it will bring everything into the light for you, very OBVIOUS!!

Now, mind you, I tried them numerous times after watching all the videos....im sorry to say, the same end result, blotchy gross greasy feeling by the end of the day, a feeling of "MUST WASH FACE" took over!! Im sorry.....I wanted to love this like everyone else, but, the exact opposite happened. Not impressed at all. I hate them... & I dont even have a pick you up line to tell you theres hope, and to try this "other" brand product, and to follow this link here cause its Amazing! HA! I got nothing. Sorry...just my honest opinion...sad but true. I reccomend thorough reseach before buying these products..... Because it truly could be a huge waist of time and money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Dekalb, Illinois

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Your review made me laugh! Sorry to hear about your experience but the way you told the story was funny.

Anyway, I'm so glad I found this site!. I was about to become a presenter as my sister in law is doing it and I was so excited. Until I found out the kind of company it is (pyramid) and now I've found out how awful the products are too!!!! I actually tried to sign up several times in the last few days bit lucky for me their website is *** and it didn't work.

Near miss!!!! Thank god!!!


I'm sorry to say that I'm glad they have flaws, too. All I see is videos of Reps claiming the products are so amazing.

Never one bad word ever.

But, maybe you need a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup on.

You say it smells horrible though... well "cruelty free" products probably don't have any fragrance added to them.


The cruelty is to the consumer.


You are hysterical!!!!! But your experience was much like mine.

I've NEVER used anything so horrible. I also hated everything about their web site and lack of customer service. I can't wait to see them crash and burn.

They will too as their products and lack of customer service will be their undoing. Thanks for the laugh !

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