I paid $140 with shipping for this, its like putting water on your face. Im not sure what trickery thet use to cover tattoos but im sure its not this.

Walmart sells better for less than half the price.

I feel sorry for the reps selling this to make money. They promote this stuff and if you send the product back (you have to pay for once again) in turn the rep lose any Commission, bonuses and rap status rewards for their next level) and it's unfortunate that they did their job by selling the product, however the company did not produce a quality product, therefore it seems their representatives are being punished.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Younique tells you that in hopes you won't return it because most buy from friends or family and customers tend to just let it go when they realize how horrid younique makeup is instead of their friend losing commision. All part of the younique scam such as their "nature based products" which is hilarious considering the liquid foundation uses dimethicone as the number one ingredient or petroleum jelly as the number one ingredient in their concealer.

"Cruelty free"? No.

Youniques so called charity is just another merchandising scheme it does not meet the standards of the BBB or National Charity Reports. Younique will do and say anything to get you to buy


FYI, Reps as you put it, don't lose commission on returned/exchanged products.


They do on returned products, or that was what I was told when I inquired on the chat support option on the younique website.

I was told if I were to return the product the representative would lose any Commission, bonuses as well as points to the next reward level.


I mean once again you have to pay shipping costs**

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