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I use to be a younique presenter. Everything was great at first all my sponser and upline were always wanting to help me.

Then I took a little 2 week break cause I was going on vacation. Well then they just never helped after that. I'm sorry but just cause I'm not a green status doesn't mean I don't put In work. They pick their favorites and that's just how it is.

In it for themselves. Not to mention my face started turning red and breaking out. I thought it was cause I just had my son but no it was the make up and skin care line. Also there is no customer service what's so ever.

I never can get a hold of them.

I am not happily with a new company and omg I love it. We are a team and I aqctually make money and started off making money with out even a team under me. No body pushes you to contact people everyday or start building a team. Plus it's an all natural company and it's known for being pure (: win win.

Plus they are all about a healthy lifestyle! If anybody is interested in a non scamming company please comment or email me at morganashley2323@aol.com or even for some product to try.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Store Location: 3400 W Mayflower Ave, Lehi, UT 84043, USA

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