I love Younique products. I was a buyer before I became a seller.

I have dry skin that is sensitive to most makeups and when my friend started selling younique I decided to give it a try. Sure it was pricey but good makeup isn't cheap! I fell in love with the products and after a year of buying products I decided to become a presenter myself. The way I saw it was that you got over $280 worth of products for just $99 without being forced to sell anything or carry inventory.

Also when you purchase for yourself you get money back by making a sale. So i thought even if I didn't become a presenter I could buy everything I want for myself and get money back. Also if I didn't sell anything and only got the kit, I could keep it. So to me it was a win win situation.

I love my products and love making extra money in my spare time.

I do recommend it but only if you look at it the way I did. You can find out more about younique through my blog on my website www.sassyglamourchic.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Makeup.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I'm a presenter and have never been told to lie! Nor have I ever been told to have stock.

Maybe you was wrapped up in a *** team.. bc the things you are saying doesn't happen regularly


True stuff ^^^


Aside from the makeup being junk (reviews speak for themselves) and ridiculously overpriced what you dont say is you must have $125 in sales every 3 mos or your account will be suspended. You also will NOT be paid commission until you sell $250 worth of product (younique will pay you when you account balance reaches $50=20% of $250 sales) 80% of sales come from presenters buying for their "stock" you do not have to carry stock but Younique really pushes to have "on hand" product.

ONLY 1% of Younique sales are return customers. This company is such a scam

The number one ingredient in youniques liquid foundation is DIMETHICONE followed by several unhealthy things for your skin such as talc and perfume, no wonder there are so many reviews stating breakouts and rashes from this makeup!! Im so sick of this company deceiving consumers with their "naturally based bull" its not.

They throw in a minimal amount of something natural so they can claim its naturally based. Their womens foundation is just another sales gimmick their foundation/charity DOES NOT meet the standards for the BBB or the National Charity Reports

Nor does Younique have any certs stating it is cruelty free but yet thats how they advertise.

@Younique Scam

I completely agree with you. The presenters are taught to lie.

I have used many of the products and am unhappy with most of them. The "liquid gold" is a joke and so is the mascara.

Full coverage my ***! The products aren't worth half as much as what it's being sold for.

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