Brutal. Crazy expensive, the foundation doesn't hide anything, and it shows all your dried skin.

I have to pay $13 to return this product. So I'm paying $20 to not have the product because it's *** because they don't return the shipping costs. I'm all for supporting people, but this whole thing is a scam and *** expensive. DO NOT BUY.

NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY. Honestly, the drug store foundation is way better. Never buying ever ever again.

Going to call them complaining and see if they'll pay for the return shipping because this is insane. You would think FOR 47 DOLLARS IT WOULD BE SEMI DECENT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia

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That's too bad you had that experience. I prefer to try before I buy and that's what I did when I purchased from Acti-Labs.

Reps (or ambassadors) as they call them, are happy to give you a sample first because they know that some things just need to be tried first. I've been happy ever since, their products have really helped my skin that was miscolored and horribly ragged from years of prednisone and chemo from Lupus related issues.

They just came out with a new Skyscraper mascara for $15 that is fabulous and I can't wait for mine to arrive :-) Search for actilabsfrenchskincare on facebook if you would like more information. If you leave a comment on that page with the foundation color you used, they will find a match and are happy to assist you :-)


It would be nice if the tips and positive feedback came from people who weren't reps.... That should be your first sign that this makeup is ***.


That is so true. All the good reviews are from presenters.


I have mailed Younique to customers. No way does it cost $13 to return.

The most I ever paid was $3 regular shipping. Also, I pay my customers shipping from my commission if they aren't happy.


She's not in the US, so maybe shipping does cost that much.


I don't understand why you had such a problem with the foundation. Everyone I have sold to loves it!

If you have really dry skin you should try a moisturizer and primer first. Try that before you return it! This foundation is great. I have rosacea and my skin is super red, I can't see any of it with this foundation.

Try messaging the person who sold it to you. If you can't get a hold of them feel free to email me amyvirginia10@gmail.com


I had the same experience. The foundation couldn't even cover my light freckles (and yes, I used the Younique primer and brush!) I bought a bunch of stuff to support my friend who quit her job to sell Younique full time.

I don't want to return it because I will feel bad if she loses her commission. I'll just chalk this up to a lesson learned. Never again with Younique! Just too expensive for what you get.

Also, I can't imagine she'll be able to come close to the income she made in her job. She posts all of the time and NO ONE comments or even likes her posts. The market is just saturated with Younique reps.

She must really be stressing right now. Not sure how she got convinced to quit her job to pursue this mess full-time.


The liquid foundation is not recommended for dry skin. I'm assuming the presenter you purchased from hasn't educated herself well on the products.

I second using a mosturizer 1st. Let it settle into your skin before using the primer. Apply the primer and let it settle also. Ask if you exchange it will they will cover the cost of shipping.

I recommend using the cream concealer one shade lighter on your areas of concern then apply the foundation or BB cream over it. I get great results using BB cream the pressed powder on top.


The market is not saturated. Avon and Mary Kay have 4 times as many reps as we do snd I fon't hear people ssying they are saturated.

There are a lot of ladies doing amazingly in Younique. You don't k ow what your friend is making. You can't go by how many people comment or like. Alot of people don't like to do that.

I still sell plenty of Younique. BTW, most of the time we don't have to return commissions unless it is a HUGE order.

Also you may have gotten the wrong shade of foundation. If you were a true friend, you wouldn't be running down the company your friend is trying to make a go of.


A friend sells you overpriced *** products and you are supposed to just lie and pretend that's ok? Being dishonest about your experience is what "true friends" do?

Do you reps even hear yourselves?

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