I purchased the 3D fiber lashes and B.B. cream from an online party.

Well the “3D” lashes product was off of my lashes two hours after putting it on and resting on top of my cheek bones. As for the B.B.

cream, it doesn’t even look like I put anything on my face. Very disappointed and what a waste of my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The BB Cream isn't meant to look like you have anything on your face. That is what foundation is for.

BB Cream is only a tinted hydrating cream.

You can use that alone just to have moisturizer on your face or use it underneath foundation. I personally dislike the 3D Lashes.


Actually, that isn't true. They are manufactured in UTAH.




All of their make up is manufactured and packaged in China. It’s all from China!!!

They use the cheapest ingredients out there and charge high price for it. Don’t buy from them there a multi level marketing scam.

This company is run by a bunch of greedy individuals. I have tried their make up and didn’t like any of it after being kind out of my money by peer pressure.


Actually, I have been in Younique for going on my fourth year in September. They se to have the 3D Fiber Lashes made in China (in the first year of the company) but now everything is made in USA.

They do NOT use the cheapest ingredients, they are for the most part all plant based ingredients. So, if you think the price is high, isn't as high as some of the products out there that are good for your skin. Which is the main reason to have good ingredients. Remember the old saying, "Good products aren't cheap and Cheap products aren't good." As, for the multi level marketing scam and "GREEDY INDIVIDUALS RUNNING IT" that is NOT true at all.

It is a direct sales market. Which means, you work directly with a Presenter in Younique. They will help you color match your makeup to your skin. Tell you what looks good on your skin for your undertones of your skin to make a correct match.

Younique is NOT greedy by ANY means. First and for most, we are and always will be a mission based company. Meaning, we have a Foundation for Sexually abused women and children. We allow women to go to a retreat and pay for them to attend counseling, activities, makeup, food, pictures etc.

When you check out for your products, you have the option to round up or make a payment whatever you want, to go to this Foundation. It is tax deductible. How you think this is a scam...is so not true. Younique has come up with a new compensation plan that you could earn more money than ever before and possible earn a car bonus.

Does your Company you work for do that Tina??? Also, I can get paid from a purchase within 3 hours of that payment. For $99 your receive your kit with some full sized products valued over $300. And, unlike some companies, you also have no obligation to buy anything.

So, you can a) work your business like a business, B) just get the discount of the products for you and your family, friends whomever C) be a kitnapper. Just take the free and items and never look at Younique products ever in your life!!! Younique has also, introduced new products that are coming out starting on August 20, 2018. New Epic Mascara in Brown and New Epic Black Waterproof Mascara.

We are here to UPLIFT EMPOWER and VALIDATE every woman in the WORLD!!! I love Younique and nobody can ever say that we are a scam or greedy people who pressure you to buy. Yes, you will have those and if they do not see your best interest..stay away from them. Find a different Presenter.

I never let my customers check out an order. I always do it for them because it can be a bit confusing. That is just good customer service for any business. I'm not here to make a lot of money but here to help someone with good skin care and good makeup and with the Younique Foundation.

Please Tina, if you have any questions about Younique and why you feel like you were possible mistreating..ask your Presenter or ask me. I will be happy to help you.




Get real.


Doesn't know anything about Younique. Ask your presenter or me if you want to know about Younique.

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