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Younique issued me an refund for all of my products! I received an 80% refund because I returned them after 14 days. Very happy that hey accepted my return because it was very close to 30 days that I had the products.

Original review posted by user May 11, 2017

I bought a set with the Liquid Touch Mineral foundation, Mineral concealer, primer, and foundation brush. The presenter also suggested I get the concealer brush because it really helps to apply the concealer (it does not).

I also bought the social media famous 3D Fiber Mascara. The foundation was very thin, I had to apply quite a bit to get any coverage and it made my nose and forehead appear very dry and flaky, like I had a copious amount of peeling skin. It also made my skin very oily. The foundation brush did not seem to help, it made the foundation extremely streaky.

I had better luck with my Beauty Blender. The primer was awful- very slippery and I felt the foundation just slid right over it and I wasn't able to blend it in very well. This foundation also made me break out terribly and my skin is normally very clear give or take a few pimples. The concealer was very thick and did not provide coverage.

My presenter also advised me to get the same shade concealer as foundation, I am usually told to go a shade lighter but she assured me that it would cover. I have dark circles under my eyes and occasional breakouts (got much worse using Younique) and the concealer did not cover at all. The concealer brush did nothing, patting the concealer on my fingers applied it better. I had so many issues with this mascara.

Clumpy, fibers getting in my eyes, eyes getting puffy and irritated. So I contacted my presenter. Use more gel but less fibers and do more coats, use a brush to comb out your eyelashes, make sure you are applying more gel afterwards to seal in the fibers, let the gel dry, only apply fibers to the ends of your lashes. Nothing worked and I always ended up with fake, clumpy looking eyelashes.

I got a fiber in my eye one day and my eye was super swollen, red, and painful. For the amount of effort it takes to apply this product correctly I could have my entire face done up and more. These products look great online however they did not work for me. I was expecting a high end product comparable to Too Faced, Lancôme, or Tarte products but I will stick with those!

They are actually cheaper too! I just sent my products to be returned for 80% refund because it has been more than 14 days, hopefully I get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You seem very upset, however I have few questions for you. Did you out on too much at one time so you would have caking problems?

And for your eye fiber, did you follow the directions stated, apply gel to lash, let dry, then apply fiber and apply gel again?

Instead of bashing the company products and your presenter, simply call customer service, I'm sure they are happy to help. And if you didn't like the products, why ddd you wait so long to return them?


I didn't put too much product on, after building up the products especially the concealer they turned out cakey.

Yes, I followed the directions exactly, spoke with my presenter a few times about it and watched quite a few YouTube videos on how to apply it.

I'm not the only one on this site "bashing" the products, I'm an unsatisfied customer and didn't find that the products were as they were advertised. I tried the products out for 3 weeks and then returnes them.


Why do presenters always immediately go to "you must be applying it wrong" when someone hates their *** makeup? On every single makeup review site younique has a very low rating.

It does not matter how you apply the gel and fibers on younique mascara BECAUSE THE GEL ITSELF FLAKES after just a couple hours so reguardless of application you are going to get those harmful fibers in your eyes. The ingredients in the liquid foundation are horrendous. Silicone silicone and more silicone. Of course its going to break out your face and make it oily and suffocate your pores.

Most women spending this kind of money for makeup have alot of experience with makeup application.

Seeing presenters say its an application problem is laughable. There is a reason there are so many horrible reviews everywhere except facebook and youtube where they are trying to sell it


Thank you! I'm in my late 20's and know how to apply makeup.

I'm almost positive that first comment must have been from a presenter. The products just are not good and overpriced.


Hello Katy, I was the person asking questions about applying and waiting so long. However, no I am not a representer, I had actually thought about trying their products.

I have worn Mac makeup for years and really like their products. I had asked about following the directions about the fiber mascara, just seems like a hassle.

I have read many reviews and I plan on staying with Mac. I hope I did not upset you with my questions and I would think the rep should have helped you.


Definetly give mac a try, a consultant there will show you what will work with your skin type and what to avoid. They're actually reasonably priced when it comes to makeup which suprises a lot of people.

The studio fix foundation is one of my favourites as far as full coverage goes.

Also have a look into nyx, they're drugstore but good quality. The only downside to them is the pale foundations are still to orange toned for me to use on a few clients



I am qualified mua, have worked hard to get where I am and to be told by someone who has been wearing makeup a whole five minutes that I'm applying it wrong is just comical. There's presenters out there that don't even wear makeup trying to tell customers they don't have the skill to use 'high end quality' makeup.


I feel *** for even buying from this company! While some of their presenters do their makeup very well they are not trained as make up artists.

I should have known better, but all of the pictures of videos on social media make their products look like miracle products! I'm going to try MAC for makeup next.


Hi Anonymous,

I did reach out to my presenter and she tried to help but seemed confused that the products weren't working. The mascara takes forever to apply.

She told me to apply the gel, wait a few seconds for it to get sticky, then apply a thin layer of fibers. Then do the same steps on the other eye. Then to go back

And apply a few more coats of gel. Then keep repeating until you get the desired effect.

When I was having problems she said to apply mascara first, make sure I was using plenty of gel (I thought I was using a lot, I put on a few coats of it) first, only apply fibers to the ends of my lashes, use a lash comb, apply a ton of gel after the fibers. I tried the mascara quite a few times and it always came out clumpy no matter how much time I put into it. My eyes also felt very heavy from all the product. Definitely a hassle!

I'm going to try Mac next, it's actually cheaper and everyone I know who uses it loves it. After I had been using the foundation for a while I used my Peter Thomas Roth CC cream and it covered so much better and didn't leave my skin flaky so if a CC cream is covering better than a foundation that speaks for itself.


Awesome, that you want try Mac. I'm sure you will like it very much.

I have used Mac at least 8 years and very happy with results, I do get a few comments on it.

Just bad that so many try other companies and are very disappointed. Have a great evening

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