I am a Younique presenter, at least I think that I am still a presenter. I was invited to a facebook "event" back in April. I saw the videos and thought that maybe it would help me feel better with my aging face, etc. My first few purchases were fantastic. I loved the mascara, except that it takes too long to get ready for anything after you put all the stuff on that they want you to use. So, I thought, I can get the kit and save money on this stuff because it is pretty expensive, even compared to department store makeup. I told my sponsor that was why I was purchasing the kit. She told me to try selling, just to see how things worked.

So I let her host my first party and no one bought anything. Then I talked a friend into hosting one for me. Again, no one bought anything, except me. I am now in over $600 with purchases. I did buy all stuff that I could use.

Now, it's October. You pay a lot for a product that goes bad very quickly. I quit trying to push this stuff. Of course, they come up with a new line that they expect you to buy. I am disabled. I have a small fixed income. I just can't buy anything more. Some of the product I bought was no good right out of the package.

Some items did not have seals, so I wonder if I got someone's return? I notified the company and of course, they want me to return it to them.

Why don't they have sample products for the presenters? If you want to give out samples you have to purchase a full size product and small bottles to make your own.

So many of the products I bought weren't worth a dime to me. I can't sell this junk in good conscience. Yes, the presenters do get a good commission. I figure that's why the product costs so much. You can find product that will work just fine without spending a ton of money. If you are thinking about becoming a presenter, give it a lot of thought. Don't get swept up in the woo hoo's and all the head games they play. Yes, if you don't have a moral conscience you can make lots of money, if you find the right customers. I personally can't do that to anyone.

I will list products I like although you can probably find similar for much cheaper. I love the Splurge Cream Shadow. This is the first cream shadow I've ever found that does not crease, ever. It is $26 for a tiny little pot, but I think it may last for awhile. I like the foundation, the liquid to powder. It does NOT give the coverage that they claim, but it is a nice look. If you use the concealer, it does a good job together. I like the concealer, except that the tube is so small. The good part is that it is so concentrated that all you need is a small dot. I like the mascara. You can remove it easily. You can pull it off your eyelashes and it comes off in little tubes. It doesn't hurt, I usually do that first and then go over it with Pond's cold cream. I have no residue left, at all. Pond's will take it off if you don't want to pull the tubes off, but it requires more effort.

The bad part, the tube of mascara starts to dry out in about 2 months. I tried the fibers with cheap mascara and it works the same way but it is very hard to remove. Lot's of Pond's, don't try to pull it off, I took lashes with the mascara which none of us want to do that.

The lipstick is good. The lip stain is really good and I like the regular lip gloss as well. My favorite is the clear and I use it over the lip stain. It does, however, make the lip stain a little less permanent. But you can block it slightly with a tissue.

I don't like the new lip gloss, not only the finish of it but the colors too. Blue? Really?

The rest of the story. OK, the stuff that is not worth a dime. All the presenters have cat's eyes, which I am assuming is popular now. You can't do it with the Precision Liquid Eyeliner. That is why you see most of them using the black Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder and an angled brush. The liquid is nonexistent. I can draw and thin line on my hand but it is so thin on my eyes. There really is no liquid to it. Maybe I got one that was dried out, but I've seen other presenters complain of the same thing.

The BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer was very thick, but so light in color. It lasted about a month and now I get this watery goo. Not that I used it often but it was the only product with an SPF. I think the new line does address the SPF issue.

The Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel is nothing. It is a very small tube, the wand inside is so thin it almost snaps when you push is back in the tube. Nothing comes out and I can't tell any difference.

I got the eye primer. That was one of the items that had no seal. It does have a nude tone, it is not clear like the face primer. I prefer the face primer. The eye primer is very thin and doesn't seem to help with preserving the longevity of the eye shadows.

My opinion of the eye liner pencils and the lip liners is varied. I would only use the lip liner with the lipstick. I got horrible results when I used it with the lip stain. It did feather, even though they claim it doesn't. I didn't really check myself in the mirror and when I got home I was horrified with how I looked. So, use it with the lipstick. I like the lipstick. It is a good consistency and lasts a long time if you are careful. It does still transfer to cups and glasses, which I hate. But all lipsticks do that.

So, if this gets through there you have my opinion. I will still use some of the products but I doubt I would purchase much again without the discount. It is just too much money, in my humble opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Makeup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Albany, Georgia

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So much of what you say rings bells with me too. I joined and now wish I hadn't.

Vegan friends wanted answers about why the company isn't certified - customer support were useless. None of my other friends were interested either. Just couldn't sell it.

Very disillusioned. Not prepared to have to be pushy and lose friends over it!


Hi, I'm so sorry you're feeling pressured to buy as a presenter. Younique has, in my experience, always been open to kitnappers and discount buyers.

I do apologize for the experience you're having with your upline. I would like to address some of the product issues you're having. The liquid eyeliner has to be stored upside down to ensure continuous quality. I have heard they're updating the product to keep this from being an issue, but this is the "***" for right now.

The BB flawless is very thick, and for some people can be difficult to apply. You can mix it with a moisturizer to make it easier to apply, but thinning it will decrease the coverage. Otherwise I would apply it section by section on your face to ensure continuous coverage. I can work directly with you to explain how to do this.

As for it becoming a liquid mess, like all liquid products, the product can separate, so be sure to shake the product before use. The brow gel is a very deceiving product. It is not a liquid gel, it's actually fibers like the foundation. The gel sits on the tip of the brush, so apply it from there first and use the rest of the brush to spread it.

The eye primer is a pale nude color, and is great if you're trying to even out your eye color prior to application but will not help with the splurge shadow since they are both liquid. I would only use it with the powder or palettes. I'm a little confused with your issue with the lip liners and would like to discuss it in more detail with you.

I would hate for you to have purchased these products and they go to waste. Please feel free to contact me on facebook (Danielle Vales) or through my younique site (https://www.youniqueproducts.com/Mixitmakeup/presenter/contactme)

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