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If it’s so good hey can’t they get their products in Ulta, Nordstrom and high-end stores? There is an ingredient in he foundation that supposedly removes the Sharpie!

No more from me! I’ll stick with MAC or Tarte.

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Actually, I think she's talking about the demos with the facial wipes. I've only seen parts of it, but I think it's something supposedly in the oils that reacts with the sharpie that removes it from the skin.

Not sure what the ingredient is as other facial (and some baby wipes) also do this same "trick". One of these days I may get a pack and compare the ingredients to see if there's really any that stand out that would likely do this.


It doesn’t remove the sharpie, it covers it. That demonstration is used to show the coverage of the product.

Younique’s products are mineral based and easy on even the most sensitive of skin. The ingredient list and what they are used for is listed on each products page on their website.

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