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cannot understand why anyone would want to buy this rubbish. On back order due to all the hype.

Doesn't even stay on for more than an hour. Coverage totally useless. Yes it was a genuine younique product too. Never used such an appalling foundation.

As others have said, it doesn't even cover freckles and totally disappears after an hour. Yes, I have bought genuine products from the reps and not online, cost me a fair bit of money too. All internet hype. The brush was useless too, all the bristles came out, around 50 each time (I counted!), they don't stop coming out in time either, despite what they say.

Still coming out more than a week later when used every day. I've resorted to using a drug store cheap version, which is far far better with no loss of bristles. Mascara also awful. Fibres look like Chunky spider legs and fall off on cheek and in eyes.

Very painful indeed too.

Do NOT waste your money. In my experience, so far ALL younique products are beyond useless.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think this foundation works well with some skin types and not well with others. I've tried Nars, hourglass, mac, clinique, every drug store kind...

and none paired well with my face like Younique did. It was the perfect balance with my skin. However..

I did moisturizer , primer , concealer , liquid foundation in velour , than the powder. And it literally lasts all night.


I bought the foundation recently along with the primer a brush and the concealor. Rubbish.

Totally dries my skin out. Looks patchy after an hour. Non existent after a day of work and collects in the tiniest of creases round my eyes and mouth.

Estee lauder double wear, same price, so much nicer! Will never waste my money on younique foundation ever again!


I had the same problem with the brushes. And the bristles never stopped coming out.

After using it for six months I threw it in the garbage, I was sick of picking bristles off my face.

I bought new brushes from Ulta and never had one bristle come off on my face, not even the first time I used it. Younique is a waste of money!


I have no idea what your taking about I used the foundation and worked 16hours and it was still there at 6am when I got home. Had to wash it off before going to bed.

And yes I have a *** load of freckles no it did cover every single on but for the most part it and me feel like I had a lot less of them.

maybe you did put it on right or didn't use the primer. I'm staying with the product no matter what anybody else have to say.


Hahahaha! For anyone else considering this product, don't waste your money!!!

You can find much better makeup at Ulta or Sephora! That's a guarantee!


Totally disagree, I use the foundation and love it, it's the best foundation I've ever used, it stays on all day, I have to clean it off, oh and your guarantee is WRONG.


You have to understand not all products will work on EVEYONE hence why there are so many options these days. Just because it didn't work for some doesn't mean it a crapy product


Wow! How did you get so lucky? I didn't find that to be true for me but glad you found something you like.


Love this foundation I have tried so many brand from the department stores and nothing stay like this. Now when I first tried it I made the mistake of not shaking it good and it felt like it was just sitting on my face but.

I asked my rep and she helped me out. I love knowing that if I'm not happy I just can send it back and get a refund.

Which I have done cause the cream foundation and my oily skin are not friends. The back their makeup 100%.


You should proof read your post before posting. Written poorly.

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