Ridiculous! I got sucked into the sell younique make money scam..

well... Ive made NO money to speak of,products advertised are NEVER in stock. Cant get any one in support to anwser a question if you can get anyone on the phone! They put out a new catalog, and do NOT have the product avalible to sell!!??

Absolutely unacceptable business practice. Foundation hasnt been available since last year..numerous products constantly on never ending back order status. Ive lost friends over this and hurt my reputation as well. Not to mention I lost my MONEY i paid to join.

This company is a disaster! !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Houston, Texas

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This is so sad to hear. Considering the fact they just contacted me and asked me to join.

And like you they said I should pay to join.

But after your review I think I am going to pass on the offer. I TRULY am so sorry this has happened to you.


This sounds exactly like my story. Started out loving their products and became a presenter, but the company is pathetic.

I will not stand behind a company that is run SO unbelievably poor! And I don't think they see ANYTHING wrong with taking a customers hard earned dollar(s) and not send their product for months!! Not to mention the position their business practices puts their presenters in! The products aren't that great!

I've moved on and more than happy with better products than Younique.

I would suggest Laura Geller foundation! It is AWESOME and AVAILABLE!


I don't understand, Why is nothing in stock for you? Ive had no problem with any of it. Just a new Lip Bonbons but it was back within a week.


I don't know, but I'm looking at the site now and a good chunk of their products are out of stock, especially the lighter foundations. The only one that's fully stocked is the cream version. I suppose it doesn't matter much for me anyway, since they don't have dark shades that actually work well for POC.


Ya right! I've been trying to order touch liquid foundation since December but it's constatly been on back order. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this website because I will no longer attempt to buy anything Younique after reading about all these negative experiences.


The lighter shades are available to order. And they will all be available on April 25th.


Good decision! Waste of money!

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