Update by user Aug 08, 2016

The person who was doing the wrong not the one who was wronged!

Update by user Aug 08, 2016

Even in a personal conflict this person who was treated wrong should still be held responsible when faced in a situation that has to do with her job! I would really hope this isn't the way your company represents itself! This situation needs to be looked at carefully and strongly because it could affect your name just saying!

Original review posted by user Aug 08, 2016

First and foremost I want to say how much I love thr Younique product line but I have a complaint about one of your representatives! Her name is Christina Askin!

She first portrays herself as a wonderful representative of your compant whicj on turn I became friends with her for party's buying products etc. Then I understand that she went to a convention which you would thing as a representative and a mentor to other representatives on her team that she would do exactly that! Mentor and show how they represent your company! But then you find out that one of the girls on her team who has Narcolepsy was left by her, kicked out of her vehicle alone in the middle of no where with no where to go!

This person had to find a way to get a rental car,and mind you this person, by her Dr.is not to be driving for more then 15 mins at a time.From thr beginning of the trip Christina told her person she would pick her up and then refused to so someone else had to get her for the convention. Long story short Christina put het persons life in danger because not only should she not be driving and didn't have enough money to get another flight home had to drive to a frirnds in Kentucky 4 hrs away and thrn drive home alone the next night 6-8 hrs away! What kind of person is Christina to put someones life in jeopardy like that! Is that who you want representing a great company like this!

It was undet my impression that they are there to uplift and make women feel good about themselves? Well if thats thr way she treats people you really need to look into who you have working for you and honestly I don't believe thats it! Like I said I love your products and I felt I needed to make you aware of what kind of person is representing your company!

Thank you for your time! Mrs.Wendy Brandenburg

Location: Escalon, California

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I agree with you. I'm pretty new and became team with Younique. We have to be very careful who to hire.


We don't hire anyone, we are not employees we are independent


Wendy, I've read nothing but Defamation of Character in your post. This representative did not have any direct faults against you.

Should this have been handled peoperly, your friend and even yourself could have spoken with Christina directly.

I do not know Christina or her Character. The ONLY character I see loud and clear is yours and it is Not pretty colors.


Seems like you are defaming someone's character. There's always two sides and why doesn't the person she supposedly left discuss this with her not have you post it on social media.

You should be sued for defamation.

Shame on you Wendy go find a cause worth fighting for.. Poverty, child abuse, sex trafficking, genocide.

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