All of the comments I've read so far, are true! I paid about $55 for my liquid touch foundation.

The bottle says to shake well before each use. Why? I'm not sure because it literally does nothing. When it says it's liquid, it means it!

I've seen so many videos of the girls only using 3-5 drops, I had to use more than 8 drops!!!!!

Also, it emphasizes every dry patch on my face! Wish I had read some of these reviews before I spent all that money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Store Location: Abbeville, South Carolina

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hi, i don't sell younique, but its a mineral liquid so thats why you need to shake it. also, you should be using primer. younique's primer is good but my favorite is elf primer and it's only $6 at any drugstore.


Ex presenter here- Yes, it is ***, regardless of what "brush and primer" you use. Don't let them upsell you into buying an overpriced brush and an oily primer.

Any makeup that claims to need BRAND SPECIFIC tools? Trickery.


Hi I am not trying to sell you on any products, I just wanted to make sure you knew about the love it guarantee that Younique has. If you dont love it you can return it for a full refund within the first 14 days.

If it is between 15 - 30 days you can return it for 80% of the purchase price, equal value product credit or product exchange.

If it has been between 31-90 days you can exchange it for equal value credit of product exchange. Sorry you were un-happy with the products and I hope this helps.


My first question would be ..Are you using Primer? Primer is a must with any foundation.

Second, Are you using the right tools? Younique has a liquid foundation brush, after Primer you should (on an average) use 5 drops of foundation....if you have dry patches then I would look into your cleanser, moisturizer ect...if you are still dry after using good products for cleansing then maybe switch and use BB Cream + Toch concealer instead...


Goodness! Would you reps just STOP already!

Your product is NOT good and WAY WAY WAY overpricd for the quality you offer! JUST STOP!


Then return it!!! You didn't have to keep it.

It has a garuntee within the first 14 days. Stop whining and get your money back


Why don't you just stop being a baby!!!


Primer is fairly new and not a must with foundation.


No primer is not a must with any foundation. My MUFE foundation performs just fine with or without primer. Maybe it's just because Poonique foundation sucks?


Are you using the primer? The right kind of foundation brush? Squeezing all the foundation out of the dropper first?


Another typical younique presenter response.. Keep blaming the customer for your *** product. Gosh I can't wait for this Younique *** to be over with come on people it's *** let's move on already!

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