I want to make this short but to the point.

#1 Their products are legit overpriced junk

#2 I was a presenter who learned of the “inside” tactics.....it’s just all a big scam to get people to buy their stuff AND my upline used a filter to make her makeup look flawless. Enough said?

#3 Every product I tried of youniques was legit junk! Foundation? WATERY Duet stick? Broke after using twice. Lipstick? Rubbed off EASILY... I couldn’t lie to people just to sale them.


Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am a - wait was a Presenter too. I just figured out what has caused my allergic reactions on my face,!

Today's was so bad from wearing the foundation and concealer yesterday.My eyes are half swollen shut and my face has bright red, raised, itchy, swollen bumps and patches all over. I look like I was beat up. I couldn't figure out what all the hype was as I was using the mascara, splurges, eye shadows and other miscellaneous products.

I just couldn't get motivated to sell a product that I wasn't excited about and seemed overpriced. Now I am seriously pissed that it has caused such painful reactions on my face.


I feel the same way! I've never had problems with my face until I joined younique.

My skin now is red all the time and breaking out.

It's finally starting to get somewhat better! I've started a new journey and I'm so happy and love they are pure natural company!

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