I bought the eyeshadow pigment in an effort to support my friend. The eyeshadow is complete garbage.

It didn't stay on my eyelids and also is really not a color but just clear shimmer.

Very disappointing , won't return because I don't want to hurt my friends feelings, but I have had better luck with wet n wild ;) I hate seeing someone I care about invest her time and energy into a bad business pyramid scheme! 12$ + shipping for something that doesn't work, I might as well have thrown my 20$ in the trash!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Eyeshadow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: San Clemente, California

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The loose shadows are ***. Also, compare them price wise ounce for ounce with MAC Pigments.

The MAC Pigments are actually cheaper and the superiority is obscene! In those schlocky liquid foundation demos, the lipstick/eyeliner/sharpie is actually being buffed out with the brush.

Spend your hard earned cash on pro brands. They are actually cheaper.


Honestly, I love their eyeshadows!! I love the shimmer in them, and I think they last a long time.

I love eyeshadows period, and I've used a LOT of different brands.

I got the ABH selfmade palette for xmas, and even though I love it, and how it blends, it DOES NOT last like my Younique eyeshadows. Honest truth imo!


I don't know why when people have a concern, the first thing someone says is that they don't know how to apply properly.


Don't be afraid to do a return to your friend! A good presenter and friend would do it without any issue!


you probably dont know how to apply it right.. if its a powdered pigment you press it on the lid not sweep it on.


Yes loose eyeshadow is different than the pressed shadows. Press to apply. You may have to apply with your eyelid a little damp as well.

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