I have waited FOUR MONTHS for my product and I am still waiting for some of my products to arrive. I had to email customer service multiples times and then they send one item until I email again.

Worst service Ive ever experienced. When I ask the presenter for help she said there is nothing she can do.

The Products are ok. The powder puff brush leaves brissles all over your face that you have to pick off and the mascara leaves the fibers under your eyes when it drys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Thompsontown, Pennsylvania

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So true not impressed with Younique products. I am done representing this company.


I wanted to know where my organza foundation was after 4 months of waiting, since they didn't ship it to me when they had it in stock for five minutes a few weeks ago. Amazingly, they shipped it out to me within hours of my inquiry.

They have the products. They are creating a false shortage, it seems, and hoarding cash.

They seem to move pretty fast when someone files a complaint, though. :)


Go online and file a complaint with the Utah Better Business Bureau and they will ship your product in a matte of hours. They have the product.

They just don't ship it until someone makes them or they've used your money long enough to have replaced it with someone else's. Most people simply don't understand how much interest large amounts of money held for even short periods of time can generate. I think they are dishonest to the core.

If you want your product quickly just file a complaint. It works like magic !


Hi, I'm a presenter and am very sorry you have had these issues. Maybe I can help you get a replacement or refund. Do you by any chance know your order# for your items?



Many items are on backorder due to high demand, new items. I don't know anything about the makeup brushes but, if the fibers are falling under your eyes, your not applying the mascara correctly.


How is it in high demand when no one has even been able to order outside of ordering a "collection" I know it's not your fault as a presenter... You're just doing your job. It's unfortunate that they can't support their presenters by actually being able to sell product individually without having to convince them to buy something else.

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