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So I was sucked in to buying the Moonstruck palette 5 because I like bright coloured eyeshadows. The promoter ordered it for me without telling me the price beforehand.

If i'd had known it was £38 I would have back out straight away, but they clearly had a plan to avoid telling the price before ordering it. I was then given the palette of which I'm always excited to swatch and test out makeup. To then be opening a small box with 7 eyeshadows which don't even fill the pan to the top. It is literally a palette made from cardboard and card with like 2 really pigmented colours, silver and gold.

Which you can buy anywhere else, not really that special. For how much the brand is charging for such *** branding and packaging they should atleast be able to invest in a plastic packaging. MUA palettes from superdrug that are £5 have plastic packaging and way more colours than this scam. I then compared the no.5 palette to my Moon dust palette from Urban Decay which is very sturdy, gorgeous packaging, and beautiful unique colours.

The palette is twice the size and the mirror covers the inside compared to small bad quality mirror in the addiction palette where you can hardly see anything. My urban decay palette was £35 and clearly worth it in comparison to this sham of a product. The colours younique have created are not difficult to find and you can literally find the exact same colours in palettes that are £8 from Revolution and also get another 20 shades of probably better quality. Another issue I have seen is the liquid lips, £21 for a liquid lip which probably doesn't even last that long, why not invest your money on Jeffree Star's liquid lips which are actually cheaper than this, you have a wider variety of colour choices and are the best liquid lip I have owned.

Alternatively, you could pop down to superdrug and buy a £3.50 liquid lip from MUA and save yourself a lot.

I think for the amount they are charging, they should invest money into making it all better as a whole instead of creating *** cheap packaging and terrible products as a whole. It's not worth the price, you're better off spending that money on a real brand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Addiction Eyeshadow.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $38.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Younique Cons: Price, Quality, Packaging, Pigmentation, Small amount of product.

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My palette was made from plastic and was super nice. The colors were highly pigmented and bigger than a previous urban decay palette. Not sure what you got.

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