All of the foundation products are crap. The liquid foundation gave me cystic acne, the epic mascara gave me a stye.

The products are cheaply made & not worth the money that you spend on them. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS BS

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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burn my eyes, and when i finally washed it off eyes are all swollen, this is a dangerous product. my eyes hurt!!!!!


There must be something in the products that you are allergic to that would cause problems with both. I use Younique products (in addition to others as I like to mix it up) and never had any problems.

We all react differently to different products. I had a reaction to an another brand's product and I never had a skin reaction to anything before.

Doesn't mean the product is bad, just means we're allergic to it or such. Your presenter should have gone over the ingredients with you before buying..so that's frustrating and not right and she should have immediately offered a refund.


My dermatologist & esthetician disagrees. No I’m not allergic to anything in the products that i was using. Ive never had any problems with other brands before nor have I ever dealt with cystic acne before Younique.Younique sucks


Presenters don't get "paid" to care enough about going over the ingredients (lots of them don't get paid at all!). Yes, some people are allergic to certain ingredients...

and that's kind of the point of product reviews, isn't it?HOWEVER, many presenters are charlatans in that they claim these products are "hypoallergenic" when THEY'RE NOT. Generally speaking, the presenters don't know the first thing about cosmetic production or manufacturing processes. I'd even go on a limb to argue that anyone who "invests" in most MLMs lack necessary critical thinking skills. That's a whole other issue, but I will say that their blind faith is very telling.You can say what you want, but Younique products suck.

Younique is a LEGAL pyramid scheme. They build their base by capitalizing on the idea of "feminism", "womanhood", "girl power" and sucker poor fools into thinking their "entrepreneurs." Oh how I'd love to mentor some of these people... Despite all of that, MLM companies, in general, are known to have habitually poor product quality. So it doesn't surprise me to know that Younique is also of poor quality.

MLMs are, by and large, unregulated in this regard and the FDA doesn't have the manpower or funds to really go after them the way they'd like to. And I think it's obvious from all of the information available to the public (documentaries, news articles, customer reviews, etc) that the FDA wishes they could go after them the way they'd like to.

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