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Hollie Megan has a very disturbing Live on FB as a presenter for younique. I understand she wants to sell her make up and all..

But that is ALL i would like to see.. Not her popping out her nipple to feed a kid who honestly is too old to be sucking on her ***. Its even more disturbing when this kid takes over the Live completely by jumping up in her lap and Pulls it out on his own!!!! I believe the thousands of viewers are there to see the kid WHIP out his mothers *** at ANY GIVEN MOMENT AND SUCK AWAY!!

I dont discourage her breastfeeding but if she cant put that breast milk in a bottle while mommy works then I just dont see why in the *** is FB still allowing her to do this!! This is a business NOT a Peep show!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Distributor.

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Hahahaha Younique people are soooooo stupid... not one of the folks doing it actually realize how dumb it is.


Then dont watch her, she doesn't show her nipples and it's not your kid and not your decision to make if he's too old or not...


Holli megan is an amazing presenter. If my niece was not a presenter I would be ordering from Holli.

I have learned so much about makeup from watching holli. She is determined to do it all she allows her kids to interact. She's got patience.

Her looks are stellar. People don't like her then go watch someone else.


Sara, you sound like a hypocrite. I’ll bet I’m right.


Holli Megan does not ever show her nips! She is killing it with being an amazing presenter while also being an amazing my mom.


Were you the one feeding....


She is the BEST presenter out there. Not in any way shape or form inappropriate.

She's beautiful, talented and great at multi-tasking when it comes to those beautiful kids.

She is the only one I will watch because most of them are attention *** losers who think they're models OR they beg for gifts and money because their lives are falling apart. You my friend, are ignorant

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