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I was drawn into younique products because for one, i love make up and two, i am a representative for Avon and I have not bought any makeup or skin care products yet, that are as good as Avon and they're very affordable for everyone! I also wanted to help a friend out by getting her a little more points for her party, so i found something that was 10.00 and then i had to pay almost 6 for shipping.

It was the cheapest thing I had found on that site. When i recieved it, i couldnt believe i had even paid 16 dollars for what i was looking at and it didnt even work properly. So i tossed it back in the box and had planned on throwing in trash. A couple days later I come across the exact same product for just ONE dollar!!

Of course i bought because if it was also *** at least i was only out a dollar. Well, i absolutely love it! Exactly what it's supposed to be and does what its supposed to perfectly! I am shocked considering the price but definitely not complaining.

Now I see that i cwn return for credit or money back without shipping which is wrong! Almost 6 dollars to ship a horrible already expensive products and you dont evwn give them that back but i am going to get my 10 dollars anyway because i do not want credit. I will never purchase from them again. Their products are not what they claom and very over priced!

If you want to order make up, skin care products etc, go to Avon!

I am not saying they are the best in the world BUT what they say you get, is really what you get and very great quality and quantity for prices cheaper than a walmart! Thats what made me decide to work for them because i do not want to sell bad, expensive products to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Eyebrow Pencil.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am a Younique presenter and I see you posted this in September. We had no products for $10 price at that time.

The shipping is $5.50 No matter how much you order up to $99.99 and then it's free shipping after that. its funny that you added "buy from Avon " since you are a rep.

Avon does not have all natural mineral makeup and it does contain talc and other chemicals. If you can't get business another way then trying to put down one company I would suggest you find another line of work.


I don't believe who ever thinks about trying limelight by alcone will try them after they read the honest reviews on this site unlike the reviews left here by all beauty guides. Do your research!!!

Reviews left here are from a bunch of bitter reps that's now with a company that's desperate and soon will be bankrupt!! Do your research the CEO is begging you to join them.


Limelight by Alcone's makeup and skin care is phenomenal! Better than anything I have ever used!!!!!!!!

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