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My main complaint it quality vs. price.

From the MANY videos from presenters I've seen (most famous Liquid Foundation vs. Sharpie) I was expecting so much more out of the product especially for the prices that were charged. Also, it was inconvenient that to purchase a "light" shade I had to buy a whole collection.

That was a quarter of my rent because sales reps were SO convincing and basically promised magic from this product. It would be more appropriate to either charge less for mediocre product or advertise the actuality of the product.

Original review posted by user Apr 11, 2016

I do not sell for this company but after seeing the explosive YouTube videos of the Mineral Liquid Foundation that even covered sharpie drawn on faces, I just HAD to try it. Of course it was out of stock for months and now that it's back you can only order the lightest shades when you buy the whole "combo kit" which was $260 I believe.

After basically taking out a second mortgage on my house (not really but I mean that is EXPENSIVE) I bought the kit and counted the days until I received the amazing magical foundation that everyone was raving about. Welp... I got it, and tried it, and I cannot believe I got sucked into the scam. It worked about as well as any drug store brand but they are defiantly not charging drug store prices.

So disappointing. I've heard since coming back from being out of stock for so long that they might of changes the formula?? Just a rumor I heard but I don't know how the videos could of faked what they were showing so I believe it.

In the kit I also received a lip stick (which was mediocre), lip gloss (again mediocre), eyebrow pencil (again mediocre), eye shadow palate (dense and pigmented I'm actually half impressed), concealer (which were called different shades than the foundation so it was a little difficult to properly color match the two but it works pretty well), fiber lash mascara (works BUT the fibers are large and "webby" so it looked kind of weird but I still need to perfect my technique so we'll see), and I bought the puff brush separate because in all the videos they claimed only THAT brush would make the foundation as flawless as it could be but it left MANY bristles on my face. All in all the products I would say are about as much quality as drug store products and I defiantly had my hopes up WAY too high.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: The quality wasn't too horrible but compare to the price and how it was advertised it's very disappointing.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Preferred solution: Just to have your reps advertise in a more realistic manner, and price reductions for many products considering the quality. .

Younique Pros: Presenter, Website.

Younique Cons: Price, Quality, Unrealistic advertisment.

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Yeah I thought early on during the hype and then I tried it one more time just recently. I have never been so disappointed in a product, & pretty sure I’ve been allergic to one prior, lol.

. I used to sell Mary Kay so I get it If you have to lie to make a sale, you aren’t a good sales person, you’re just a liar and a con artist. That video that went around, I don’t know what they did or how, but I know that even buying into the idea that I needed all these other products for it to do what it was supposed to do to begin with, I can’t even get it to cover up a freckle much less eyeliner on my face really?? It literally has to be fake.

Or maybe they’re all on her is so cheap that it really is that easy to cover. I don’t know.

All I know is, the stuff is like a bottle of oil. It’s smears on my face and there is no applicator that is going to make a turd not be a turd.


please remember ladies any company that uses independent representatives are people who are not educated just because the buy the kit. Some of us are actually cosmetologist or dermatologist etc.

Honest people in sales do not lie to you because when you use it.. It will be you either Love it , hate it or its just okay.. But a real honest sales person will try to meet what you're looking for. If the product I'm selling doesn't meet what you expected or doesn't fit for you.

i definitely would tell you dont waste your money if you dont love the product because its just gonna get thrown in the basket of " well that didn't work for me" and most companies do have a money back guarantee.

Be picky about your representative, you don't have to use the one that introduced you to it.. God bless and good luck


As a dermatologist, their products are dangerous and use chemicals that should really be better researched before applying them to your skin.


Totally not true


I so disagree..... Due to the fact I couldn't get the true colour for my skin type and colour.

I was also instructed to buy six different foundation that was selected for me after 6 presents all said this colour after they saw pic.... A guessing game..... This love it thing was a joke.... No fen refund period...

You get credit to purchase only...BS phoned my card company to get back my money.....

One out of six was my colour.. Stuck with five NFG


That's not true, it's 14 day love it guarentee, you literally get your moment back in 14 days if you don't like it


Defiantly? Or definitely? Big difference :)


I don't know who told you that you had a buy a collection in order to get your foundation but no offense you were completely misled and taken advantage of. Just let me tell you that.

Never at any time have you ever had to buy a collection in order to receive a foundation. They have always been sold separately. I would definitely have contacted the company. I am so sorry somebody lied to you.

No, the formula was never changed it takes 6 months to make one bottle of the foundation because of the minerals that are in it and the lack of chemicals that are in it because we are European Union compliant.

Again I am so sorry that somebody took advantage of your good nature. Please take care


Thats absolute bull. The #1 ingredient in Youniques liquid touch foundation is DIMETHICONE closely followed by talc and perfume.

They throw a sprinkling of minerals (literally) so they can advertise "naturally based" . The Younique conealers #1 ingredient is PETROLEUM JELLY.

Younique also advertises as cruelty free yet can provide no cert backing their claim. Their "foundation/charity" for abused women (the Younique Foundation) does not meet the standards of the BBB nor the National Charity Reports.


And their presenters are really good at spreading lies and back stabbing one another. Such as this one, dissing the first presenter for lying about colors only being available in a kit and then turning right around and lying about the ingredients.


They also insult people who don't like the products pretty viciously. Which is ironic since I don't think I've seen any presenters that showed they had a good grasp on makeup application.


Just use Limelights stuff.


LoL seriously?! Your 4D is currently on back order and Kim Marshall is telling customers it’s available in ‘the kit’.

Also, the miraculous sharpie video is not just foundation. They’re using concealer to cover up sharpies but passing it off as foundation!


I found everything you said to be my exact story. They are definitely not all that they are saying they are. Such a bummer to be ripped liked that.


It's hard for advertising as the only way Younique is allowed to advertise is through the presenter only, they are not allowed to post it with their prices or in magazines, tv ads etc etc so it's only from word of mouth.. Soo naturally the presenter has to really sell the product to make the sell, and consistently boosting it ( somtimes to the point of annoyance or we end up buying it).

Then most will say how incredible it is because they were foolish enough to pay that amount ( I'm guilty of it too) it's not a bad product... Just way overpriced :(


Sorry but did you see that Youniques Foundation, mascaras, Esteem lash serum were published in the Must haves in magazines from top consumers. Sorry you have had such an issue. We, I, as a presenter only can give our honest feedback from our own experiences.


Which is a paid advertisement


The products are made in Italy Germany and the USA. Some of the packaging is made in China.

Do the research. The mineral liquid foundation was not changed. It takes 6 months to make and you can't put this makeup on like drugstore makeup because it is HIGH END make up. Most of the New York Drag Queen Circuit is using this makeup and saying good bye to Anastasia and MAC!

one t! And if it's one thing the Queens know it's make up quality!


I watch many makeup Tutorial by the queens, and never once have I seen a single one of them using younique products. As a matter of fact, all of the big beauty gurus either think it ***, or won't try it b/c of the pushy condescending won't take no for a answer reps!!


Exactly, I don't think Lisa Eldridge would touch it with a ten foot pole.

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