This company gets people to sign up, boast about the money they are making and for a same fee you can be in business too. However they do not tell you the most popular product is out of stock, so you sign up, wait for the kit, tell people all about the products and then you sit on hold.

When you ask to assistance they tell you to push the other products.

So you are out the fee and need to sell within a certain time period to get discounts or incentives. It is just a no win..

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Younique Cons: No product.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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I used to be a presenter and I asked to cancel my services stating that they harasse, products are cheap and not worth the money. The company is deceitful and doubt most presenters are really making any money.

I am much happier since I left and totally agree w everyone's reviews and don't recommend the makeup at all. Good post.


And then when they do finally get it it's garbage they want to return.


Hi, I wanted to say that yes our most popular product is out of stock, but you can see that on the website before you even join or order other products. For your $99 fee you get full size products that you can use or yourself or sell to recoup your fee.

You have 90 days to sell $125 in products, many companies have a monthly requirement. Yes you can offer alternatives to the sold out product if a customer needs something right away, but it's not required.

I'm sorry you had such a hard time and that you can get some help with the company. I can try to help you if needed.


No need, I talked with several people and they explained the same thing over and over., small company had no ideal things would *** so fast and it should not be long before everything is restocked. Last week tried again with the same issues, just not thinking this is the right thing for me. I do not want to sell to people to just have them run out of the product and be unhappy.


I to am having the same problems. I joined, paid a 99.00 fee did a whole lot of marketing.

And ..no product,customer support is the worst i have ever seen. 241 pepole ahead of me on a call? Really! .

My integrity has been damaged by this nonsense. a three ring circus of a company. Completely unprofessional. The presenter that signed me up offers no help and sounds like a robot repeating the same thing over and over, theres nothing i can do we have to support our company ?

I dont have to support anyone that takes my money and leaves me high and dry. You do not receive all full size products in your kit. You receive a few full size, the rest are samples. In my professional opinion ( and I am one) younique is the role model for MLM scams.

They cant provide the product they promise,they cant and dont provide the customer support they promise,I suspect they sell thier product to suppliers to sell on ebay ( how else would someone have 342 mascaras to sell ? Common sense. Worst experience ever here .

Find another MLM. Thats reputable.


Which is why I'm thinking I'm just going to leave...sucks

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