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I have an acquaintance from high school that I recently became friends with on Facebook. She is a Younique sales rep.

She posted a picture of a very pretty blue eyeliner that I really liked. I messaged her and asked her how much the eyeliner was and she told me that it only came in a limited addition kit but she showed me a very similar color eyeliner that could be purchased on it's own. She informed me that she was trying to reach a personal goal and said she was running a special where she would not charge shipping. I told her that I would be interested in getting the eyeliner while she was running the special and I sent her the money via PayPal.

This was on December 1st. I wanted to wear the eyeliner for Christmas. Weeks had past and still no eyeliner AND zero communication from my rep since purchase. I emailed her and asked when she expected it to arrive and asked if she thought I would have it in time for Christmas (about 4 days away).

She tells me that my eyeliner was stolen off of her front porch but luckily none of the other packages with the more expensive sets was stolen...just my eyeliner. I seriously doubt my eyeliner was mailed in it's own packaging if there were other items also ordered and why had she not contacted me to let me know what happened? Anyway, my rep told me she would have to re-order the eyeliner for me. I was not happy but told her I totally understood and I was sorry that had happened to her.

I told her to re-order so I could at least wear it for New Years Eve. I received a message from her on December 30th telling me the eyeliner had arrived at her house and she asked for my mailing address (when I originally ordered she never asked for my address. I asked if she needed it and she said no b/c I was ordering from Paypal. She said she could just get the address from there.) I thought well I wasn't able to wear it for Christmas and it looks like I won't be able to wear it for New Years Eve either but hey at least it is at her house and I should receive it shortly.

Wrong! Two days later she sent me a message asking me where I worked. I told her but there was no follow up comment like hey want to meet up on our lunch break and I can give you your eyeliner or anything (btw--she works 10 mins down the street from me). Well I figured since she had asked me on December 30 for my address she would just drop it in the mail to me.

A week passed and I still hadn't received the eyeliner. I sent her a message on messenger on Friday. As of Sunday she still hadn't read my message even though she was very active on Facebook. I sent her another message telling her very politely (much nicer than I should have been) that since I wanted the product for a specific purpose and that I didn't have it could I please just get a refund.

She sends a message back telling me yes she will and Oh by the way... she ONLY does free shipping for people who live locally. I live 10 minutes down the road so I do live locally. I forgot to mention that after I expressed interest in the eyeliner she private messaged me several times asking if I was interested in buying it and said she was trying to reach a goal.

I bought it to wear for Christmas and New Year but more than anything I bought it to help her reach her goal. I also got talked into hosting an online party for her to which she ran her own flash sale on her site selling the products for cheaper than my party. I emailed her several times asking about the status of the party--how was it going? were a lot of people ordering?

etc. After over a week she just says no one had bought anything (she just threw a picture of the item on my Facebook page with little to no salesmanship at all. I would write things like "Hey ladies...are you looking for some last minute stocking stuffers? I can help you out.

Check out these prices!" but I got no response or communication from my rep at all. She stopped adding stuff on the party after only a couple days. I never even so much as got a Thank You for offering to host the party for her. I can't help that the buying was low.

I even told her it most likely would be due to the time of the year.

Bottom line is my rep was very difficult to communicate with, I still don't have my eyeliner or refund. I have a very bad taste in my mouth regarding Younique b/c of my experience with this acquaintance of mine and just want my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $21.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Younique Cons: Sales rep.

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Hi Navy Wife,

My name is Shaylyn French, a presenter with Younique. I would very much encourage you to send an email to our customer connection representatives because she has violated so many terms of our contracts with this!

I am so sorry that you are in a position where you did not receive Polar, it's such a beautiful color!!! If you want to go ahead and track me down on Facebook.com/shaylynfrenchmakeup I will be glad to fulfill the void she left and give you a $20 credit with no shipping charges in my personal shop.

I have no goals to gain or anything of that matter, but I do believe you have a right to get your money back and gain what you were going to invest in. Definitely contact our customer relations department about this.


She's always posting stuff on Facebook and her "job" listed on Facebook says she is.


Are you sure she is a rep?

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